Thursday 23 June 2011

Summery Summary

Summer approaches and we are finally getting our schedule together for what is going to be a very busy July and August..

Sh!t Theatre at HOT! Fest @ Dixon Place, NYC  - "homoeroticism for the whole family!":

'Sh!t Theatre present 'Sh!t Theatre's (genuine) Performance Democracy''.

Coming v soon to the blogosphere will be our sh!t poster guaranteed at least 75% as shit as last year's, as well as more info on both shows. We will be performing on the 29th July and 3rd August - alongside our support act, Slick Theatre, the UK no.1 Sh!t Theatre Tribute band -  in the lounge and main space respectively. All in collaboration with country singer turned lesbian performance artist, Tammy Whynot. All together now!: "She puts the CUNT back in COUNTRY, pulls the rug out from under me, in case you were wondering, she can put what she waaaants in meeeeeeee".
Also featuring short films from AiR Supply's finest, Helen Simmons.

Sh!t Theatre at Edinburgh Free Fringe @ The Phoenix Bar, Leith: 
'Following the outstanding success of 'SH!T THEATRE present: Sh!t Theatre', Sh!t Theatre present: 'Following the outstanding success of 'SH!T THEATRE present: Sh!t Theatre', Sh!t Theatre present: More Sh!t'.'

Haha! Meta is better. This year's Edinburgh show explores our process of making performance, in which we start with writing a 5*review and work backwards, thereby creating - clearly - the perfect show. This particular perfect show includes much-loved songs and sketches, new material, and our daily 'Review Revue'.

Run begins 10th August at 10.45pm. Though we still need floors to sleep on! Please let us know if you have Scottish floors! We will be generous in our love and wine and thanks.

Sh!t Theatre at Duckie @ RVT, London

6 minutes of wonder. 8 max.

'Tonight: Sh!t Theatre and Susannah Hart The Hairy Showgirl.'
But will she be hairier than us?? Competition starts now!

Sh!t Theatre at Shambala Festival @ The Rebel Soul Tent
'Sh!t Theatre present 'Sh!t Theatre's (genuine) Performance Democracy''.

25th-28th August, it's Sh!t Theatre in a field! Louise only just realised this would involve sleeping in a tent. 'You mean we have to camp? In a tent? Oh, I didn't think of that. I thought there would be some kind It's going to be very cold'. So, volunteers for spooning Louise in shifts, please email

UK's best and greenest music & arts festival, tickets still available, location disclosed on purchase!

If you are looking to see Sh!t Theatre in London before we leave on our travels, pop along to:
Islington Exhibits as produced by the Rowan Arts Charity
on 18th July


Acoustic Insurgency Choas Cabaret on July 24th at the Stockwell Grosvenor!

Also, I will be performing 'What I know about Wine So Far' at Laugh Out London Live on Friday 1st July. Loads of other comedians and such too, and it's FREE!

Monday 6 June 2011

SH!T Fringe

For our thousands of fans who will be in Edinburgh again this year, Sh!t Theatre will be back in the Gaybourhood at The Phoenix Bar in Leith from the 10th- 17th August with the Laughing Horse Free Fringe. More details to come!