Monday 26 December 2011

Sh!t Box!

Hey, Happy Boxing Day! As we all know, it's custom at this time of year to sit around a box and stare at it, so why not celebrate with the whole family by sitting round the ol'radio box tonight and listening to Sh!t Theatre at 11pm on Resonance 104.4FM? It's the first ever broadcast of our half-hour special on Resonance's 'Cabaret Time', and you can listen here:, or Londoners can tune into 104.4 FM...

Thursday 22 December 2011

Merry Shitmas!

We've had a fun, busy, cut-price-energy-drink week with 'Copyright Christmas', a last minute gig at Duckie's Christmas party at the Barbican last Friday and Cabaret Futura on Sunday. Cabaret Futura is over at the Paradise in West London and appears to be where rich bohemians go to drink, make merry and eventually die. Our performance was described by a jolly posh man called Don Boyd as 'very naughty'.

Two days until our brief Xmas break means you only have six more days to catch our Corporate Responsibility Recycling Centre in Duckie's 'Copyright Christmas' at the Barbican! Get your anti-capitalist bargain-tastic 20 quid tickets here!:

And here's a sneak preview vid of the show from the Telegraph:
Featuring Scottee, Bird la Bird, Harold Offeh, Dickie Beau and designer Robin Whitmore. Not featuring Sh!t Theatre for some reason. Maybe they didn't want to give too much away. The stampede for tickets if word got out that we were in the show every single day would probably be too much for the Barbican's computer system.

Sh!t Theatre present: a Television pitch for the Radio, or, a Radio pitch for the Television will be broadcast at 11pm GMT on Boxing Day (26/12 for our many foreign fans). Londoners can listen at 104.4 FM, and everyone else can listen here:
Fun for all the family! Apart from the dead babies bit. And the AIDS bit. And all the swearing.

We are very excited to announce that we will be Escalator East Supported Artists 2012 and will be working in conjunction with the Colchester Arts Centre and the Junction in Cambridge from January. More info on that coming soon!

Wishing everyone a very Shit Christmas,

Becca and Louise xxx

Thursday 15 December 2011

Sh!t in The Standard

Reviews are out of Duckie's 'Copyright Christmas', a great one here from The Guardian:

And a mixed review in the Evening Standard, but her 'favourite section' is Sh!t Theatre's Recycling Centre!

Sh!t Theatre in Copyright Christmas at The Barbican
Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Monday 5 December 2011

December Dates

Coming up soon: Brand new first ever Sh!t Theatre Podcast! 'London, New York, Edinburgh, Goole', a live, Yorkshire-based, minute-by-minute account of our trip to Goole. Not going to give anymore away, but stay tuned for that exciting step into the world of podcasting. Just as soon as we've edited the 27 separate audio files which - from what I've suffered through so far - mostly consist of us saying 'Goooooollle! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE!'
I say 'I've suffered through' because Louise has thus far, as she puts it, refused to 're-live the trauma'.

06/12 'NAOTY Auditions' @ Rich Mix, Bethnal Green
08/12 'Sex on Trial' @ The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green (shock horror, brand new material!)
16/12 'Cop's Christmas Cabaret' @ Ta Na at the Old Police Station, Deptford (shock horror, brand new Christmassy material!)
19/12 'Cabaret Futura' @ The Paradise, Kensal Green
10-31/12 (except Mondays) Duckie's 'Copyright Christmas' @ The Barbican
'Sh!t Theatre's Television pitch for the Radio' on Resonance 104.4 FM at some point around Christmas TBC.

Sh!t Theatre on the Simpsons. So we auditioned and had a read-through to have a guest appearance on The Simpsons the other week. They decided it wouldn't work out; repeated uses of the word 'Shit'  and our constant references to the dead babies of political figures wasn't suitable. Still, we got Apu's autograph, and here's a photo of our audition:

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Countdown to Goole.

We've done 10 tweets now. Thankyou very much for all your enthusiastic support.

Thankyou also to Dave, Ed and Karim 'loyal fans' who came along to see us perform a somewhat limited set at The Boston Arms on Saturday. Their shouts of 'Judas!!' cheered us no end.

Coming up this week!
R:E: GOOLE: Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooole!
All the big stars of the performance art/ political satire world play Goole sooner or later, and we are very excited to get on that train on Friday and head up North for 'MAYHEM IN THE MARKET', a festive evening of innovative art and extraordinary entertainment, featuring artists from around the UK creating work in response to Goole's market hall. GOOOOOOOOLE! We are playing at 10pm in Bar Absolut, which we assume has something to do with vodka. Or absolut ely shit thea tre. I will also be presenting What I Know About Wine So Far earlier on in the evening. Here's the Facebook event, Yorkshireists, come on down:
You may notice the Facebook event promises a thing called 'Mulled Glog', which we are also very excited about.

Stewart Lee won it in 1990, Kitson came second in 1998 (lord knows what you have to do to beat Kitson but someone did it) and in 2012 Sh!t Theatre will be at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green on December 6th for one of the first rounds of New Act of The Year 2012.
Unlike the Laughing Horse and the Amused Moose competitions, NAOTY is not decided by audience vote a.k.a, how many friends you have who aren't busy that night, so we don't expect hundreds of you guys to show up,but still, ten acts for a fiver on a Tuesday night in E2's not bad, so hopefully see you there!

Saturday 19 November 2011

Wednesday 16 November 2011


It's a Sh!t Up North Party Mark II next Friday night when we headline Drunken Chorus's one-day performance festival, Mayhem in the Market  in Goole,Yorkshire.
Here's the flyer for our Yorkshire-based friends:

And here's a picture of Goole we found on Wikipedia:

For you pansy Southerners, we are playing at a lovely benefit gig in Tufnell Park this Saturday (19th) at the Boston Arms, at some point between 10pm and 3am. Also featuring live bands and a barn dance, they are paying us in booze so come on down, we're sure to be in 'festive' spirits.

Saturday 5 November 2011

The Sh!t's goin' down tomorrow...!


Tomorrow night (SUNDAY 6th NOVEMBER). 7pm. The Pinter studio, Arts 1, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End road, E1 4NS.

For one night only in London, SH!T THEATRE present: SH!T THEATRE for one night only in London!

Wine before. Wine after. Featuring Lois Weaver as Tammy Whynot?, our ex-impartial adjudicator. The show'll be about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Look forward to seeing you there and comparing bonfire night burns with you!

Thursday 3 November 2011

Sh!t Facebook

Just to let you loyal fans know, our Facebook page is down. There are 254 people worse off today than they were yesterday morning. Awfully sorry, just trying to find out whether it is a technical issue or a complaint about our name. IF YOU'RE OUT THERE, LOYAL FANS, DON'T FORGET THAT WE ARE PERFORMING OUR ONLY FULL-LENGTH SHOW IN LONDON WITH LOIS WEAVER THIS SUNDAY 6TH. Tickets are available only on the door, so get there early to avoid massive disappointment.

Love xxx

Thursday 20 October 2011

Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre For One Night Only In London

There it is, a poster which actually almost says what we do. We're really not very good at this sort of thing. Remember our 2011 Edinburgh show? The one with the hilarious name? 'Following the outstanding success of 'Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE', Sh!t Theatre present: Following the outstanding success of 'Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE, Sh!t Theatre present: More Sh!t!' 

LOLOLOLO ROLF!!  LOL! Well the name took up so much space on the flyers that we forgot to include any information on what the show contained, which, in a city of 2500 shows a day, and considering we weren't in the programme, was probably not a great idea. Also, we had to confine our reviews to a size 8 font in the bottom right. We gave a fellow free-fringer called Rob one of these flyers on the street, and the following exchange took place:

Rob (bearded) - Is that a Scotsman review?
Booise - Yes
Rob- You got a Scotsman review?
Booise - Yes
Rob - I can't believe the Scotsman came to see you.
Booise - Yep, last year
Rob (reads aloud) - 'Beautifully harmonised and, even better, mercilessly witty'. That's a really good review.
Booise - Yes
Rob - Why is it hidden at the bottom there in tiny little writing?
Booise - Um
Rob - I'd have put it at the top
Booise - Ah
Rob - In massive font
Booise - Well we didn't want to sell out.

Anyway, 'Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre For One Night Only In London' featuring LOIS WEAVER as TAMMY WHYNOT? will be an best-bits show of our NYC & Edinburgh full-length spectaculars! Only £4 or £3 if you're broke, and it's at the Pinter Studio at QMUL in Mile End, so nice and easy to find. 7pm on Sunday 6th November, 1 hour 15ish  =  plenty of time for drinking afterwards. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Press Play Films Ltd 18/10/11

Here's a photo (courtesy of Press Play Films Ltd.) of us recording our Resonance 104.4 Fm show, Sh!t Theatre's Television pitch for the Radio, or, Sh!t Theatre's Radio pitch for the Television! 
The recording itself was a lot of fun, and we were very grateful to our excellent audience for waiting around in the cold for a while and then laughing lots, and to Sean who you can see there in the picture behind the sound desk, looking not very amused. We did spend half an hour saying the words SHIT THEATRE over and over again, and we did go on a bit about how nobody listens to Resonance and just generally based the show's concept on how defunct the medium of radio is, so fair enough if he didn't find it that funny. Lord knows if we'll even be able to broadcast it. Stay tuned (geddit!!??) for more info!

Seriously though, Resonance is awesome, listen here:

Friday 14 October 2011

David Nutt Sh!t Theatre Teaser- Edit

Helen had to make some adjustments to Press Play's little teaser, here's the updated version!

Thursday 13 October 2011

Oh and

First ever full-length Sh!t Theatre show in London, one night only, and  featuring the legendary Lois Weaver as Tammy Whynot? , confirmed for SUNDAY 6TH NOVEMBER @ 7PM, at the Pinter Studio at QMUL , London E1. Tickets will be first come first served, on the door, £4 and £3 concessions for students, staff and general hobos, which pretty much covers everyone we know.

This IS Sh!t Theatre Teaser - David Nutt

Here's a little teaser vid for 'This IS Sh!t Theatre', which Helen put together after Monday night. Enjoy Deb's face as our microphone stand! I think she is actually wincing. And, no, I don't know how to make the little video box thing small enough to fit in the little blog box thing, but it's charming, isn't it? Like rustic blogging. We're the farmer's market of blogspot. Charming!!!

We're in the recording studio this weekend - Duckie gave us the go-ahead on a Sh!t Theatre backing track for the Xmas promo films we wrote for their Barbican show (, so we're busy with that and getting ready for our Resonance FM show on Tuesday. Don't forget, audience numbers are v limited so let us know if you are practising your radio laughs, try phoning Louise and laughing down the phone, she'll love that, especially late at night or very early in the morning.


PS. 15/10, Occupy!

Tuesday 11 October 2011

David 'The Nutty Professor' Nutt Approves of Sh!t Theatre

He does! Despite our 'David Nutt's a Nazi!' line, lovely ex-expert Professor David Nutt seemed to thoroughly enjoy Sh!t Theatre on Drugs last night, and even agreed to a little interview for what was the first night of filming for Press Play's 'This IS Sh!t Theatre'. The rest of the evening had great performances from Chris Coltrane and the Commie Faggots, and many excellent speakers on the issues of drug consumption and production. Conclusion: everyone loves drugs! Bunch of damn hippies.

We'll get back to finishing off *start writing* our radio show for Resonance FM next Tuesday, for now, here's a nice review of our Edinburgh show from theatre blog The Cheap Seats

In the basement of a random pub, hardly even listed we struck gold with the comedy duo Sh!t Theatre and their show "Sh!t Theatre present: More Sh!t". A female comedy duo with backgrounds in performance art, improv and music, their politically provocative sketches and songs had our varied audience all in stitches.

Accompanied by a guitar and ukelele, the premise of their show is that they wrote themselves a 5 star review and worked backwards from it with a checklist, ticking as they went. This was punctuated with "commercial breaks" where they managed to mock everything from vegetarianism, with their rendition of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" entitiled "Meat-free Dress", to Loreal. The "Sh!t" aesthetic to which they continually referred was achieved through their costumes being constructed from newspaper which inevitably also reinforced their focus on current affairs.

This subtlety was characteristic of the whole show. The Lord's Prayer to Rupert Murdoch (which can now be seen on their facebook page) reeks of irony, something many comics have not been able to achieve surrounding the phone hacking scandals, preferring instead to take a more aggressive approach.

They struck a great balance between continuity and variety, the through threads of the commercial breaks and checklist allowing them explore a number of different issues and tangents jumping between them without losing their audience challenging and commenting on everything from Burkahs to the Catholic stance on contraception.

The pair push boundaries without relying on vulgarity or shock tactics unlike so many of the shows we see today. Frankly speaking, Sh!t Theatre shat all over their competition and were my comedic highlight of the Fringe.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Sh!t Theatre are on Drugs

Just a quick post to say we'll be back at the latest Mutiny event 'Drugs on Trial' this Monday 10th at the Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green with a Sh!t Theatre exclusive! Looks set to be a really interesting night, with some great speakers including David 'The Nutty Professor' Nutt of getting-fired-for-being-right fame, and music from Sh!t Theatre faves, the Commie Faggots.

We had a great meeting with Helen last week about 'This IS Sh!t Theatre'; the film is really starting to take shape and hopefully interviews start next week. She and David sent off now Press Play Films Ltd are an official 'Official' (official)company! Congratulations! Check out their Facebook page:

Tuesday 27 September 2011

This IS Sh!t Theatre - promo

Long-time Sh!t collaborator Helen Simmons came to us the other day with a film proposal. Basic concept: Anvil the Story of Anvil  [heartwarming rockumentary about failed but respected US heavy metal band Anvil]  plus Sh!t Theatre [little-known megalomaniac performance artists from London] equals Awesome.

We have a meeting scheduled for this week, so more info coming soon on that, but for now please enjoy the promo vid which Helen put together in a matter of hours to give us an idea of the style she is aiming for. We particularly like how we are just the right amount of not in tune. I mean, it sounds almost as if it wasn't intentional! Hilarious!

We are recording our half-hour radio exclusive for Resonance 104.4 FM on TUESDAY 18TH OCTOBER at 10.30PM in London Bridge. There are limited spaces for audience members, but the 15 most impressive laughs will get in and will feature on our show as our live laughter track. Sean from Resonance FM seemed to think we'd work better with a live audience. Maybe because it will help point listeners in the direction of the bits which are supposed to be funny. Anyway, let us know if you would like to get in on that. Helen Simmons will be filming for 'This IS Sh!t Theatre', so if you do not wish to be in a future Indie classic, find something else to do that Tuesday.

You can contact us here, on Facebook (Shit Theatre or email


Monday 5 September 2011

It's Sh!t In September

I’m on hold to Inland Revenue, begging for updates on my tax rebate just in case it means I can afford the tube fare to the pub. Oh, how the mighty etc etc!

Back from Shambala and the sh!t summer has finally drawn to a close. Louise still can’t face unpacking. Lazy, or sentimental? Neither fuckers! She’s just really busy with our WINTER PLANS! That’s right, ‘Sh!t Theatre Hit Back ’11’ in the ongoing wind and rain is already in motion. For starters, I’m sure you all saw Louise live at Laugh Out London last Friday night (put the next LOL Live in your diaries for Fri 16th Sept);

 Sh!t Theatre have signed up to intern with Duckie and their massive Christmas show ‘Copyright Christmas’ at the Barbican, exploring Capitalism and all its bad bits and everything we love to talk about, so December is busy already. We are also chatting to the Duckie guys about other Sh!t Theatre possibilities, more info coming soon we hope!  

I am w(h)ining again with GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN for ‘Bitten’ on September the 23rd at the Roundhouse, and we are starting to put together a line-up of greatness for a long-planned Sh!t Theatre night. (Working Title : Awesome Shit, Or Some Shit). Featuring magic, music, burlesque, poetry, who knows, stay tuned.  

We are also talking about imparting improv knowledge to some posh school boys in South London after meeting a nice man at Shambala’s Rebel Soul Tent.

Photos from Shambala coming soon once we get our underwater cameras developed (necessary in that rain). For now, here’s the sole picture of us performing in a yurt!

Joel Hunziker

Shambala, by the way, was insane. Amazing. The Rebel Soul hippies hated our first set, maybe because of the dead babies, maybe because it was midnight on a Friday and they’d had too much MDMA to know who their hands belonged to. AWKWARD. However, all was not lost, and our second Rebel Soul set on Sunday at 7.30pm and our appearance at the Compass tent proved there are enough dead baby lovers still out there! Thanks to everyone who came to see us!

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Sh!t Shambala

Hello! Here we are back from Edinburgh Fringe, veterans now in our fifth year and still no better at flyering. Lou's technique of wincing whilst placing our shitty flyer next to someone else's beer totally did not pay off, but as word got around of how free our show was, the Phoenix Bar in Leith started to fill up and we got some really good audiences and met some great locals. Lots of nice feedback as well, so thankyou everyone for coming & supporting us, next year we will be back! We rebelled this year and did not pay the £400 to go in the official brochure, which meant reviewers would not come to see us, but we felt it was the best show we have put together, and we gave ourselves a really good self-penned 5* review for it. We will hopefully be bringing it to London for those who missed out on the Fringe this year.

Recommendations on this year's free fringe:

'Roland Rides The Rails'  FREE at Phoenix Bar everyday!
Roland's top trump super trains!Roland's top trump super trains!Roland's top trump super trains!Roland's top trump super trains!Roland's top trump super trains!Roland's top trump super trains!Roland's top trump super trains!Roland's top trump super trains!
We friggin' loved this.

'A Good Improv Show' FREE at Sin everyday!
An hour of long-form. We started off our illustrious careers with 'Streets of Rage' long-form improv in London, as led by the monumental Chris Chuang (Please check out his Cat Cards-, and so we watched this pretty critically. Despite rumours of it being not good, we thought it was good, a Good Improv Show. Particularly enjoyed a group game involving Robert Mugabe and toothbrushes. However, we suggest re-naming it something hilarious like 'A Sh!t Improv Show'; it will lower audience's expectations, leading to many a fine comment of 'That was better than I expected!', and, 'You're never going to be on TV, are you?'!

Here we are in Edinburgh.

This Saturday we performed at Duckie at the RVT. Having been warned about the Duckie audience, we were more terrified than we have ever been before a show. However, it went really well, we had a great time, and the 300 pissed-up queers reacted well to our 'AIDS' opener. Thanks to Simon for having us and giving us advice, and we can't wait to go back!

Here we are at Duckie on Sat 20th August

Catch us at the Rebel Soul Tent this weekend!

FRIDAY AT 23.00 (1 hr)
SUNDAY 19.30 (30 mins)

Thursday 18 August 2011

Sh!t Weather

We survived the riots & the Edinburgh Fringe! We are back in town, more info coming soon, don't forget to come along to Duckie at the RVT this Saturday to see us do a something! yay!

Thursday 4 August 2011

We are Sh!t in bed

Shit Theatre v hungover in bed. Bowery Poetry Club lock-in = vomit question mark?

We found out after our show last night that it wasn't recorded, so you will just have to trust us when we say we received 5 standing ovations and someone passed out. (A fainter in the audience being the live art seal of approval).

Joking aside, Sh!t Theatre's (genuine) Performance Democracy -  featuring Tammy Why not? and US Political expert Claire Nolan -  went really well. The theatre at Dixon Place is a brilliant space and definitely the best we have had a chance to work in. We were hoping to have a recording but somewhere between our opening dead baby bit and our final cunt song, it turned out a camera wasn't actually available. Thus no proof exists that we ever performed at Dixon Place. But we did. Like a tree falling in an empty forest, we made a kind of thudding noise when we hit the ground. Louise thinks that makes it sound like we flopped, but we totally did not. It was a successful thud. Thanks to everyone who came along, and to Jo, Claire and Lois for making it happen!


Sunday 31 July 2011

U.S. Sh!t

See below a picture of one of the views from Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw's porch (backwards - Mac-styyyle).

Our first show at Dixon Place went well considering the language barrier. But enough of that...

We're in the mountains! In the middle of forest-land! There are deer! We swim and paddle in brooks! Last night Lois and Peggy took us, Claire, Jo and a bunch of their mountain-dwelling friends skinny dipping in a lake in the middle of the night. We were right next to the darkest place in the U.S. (or some statistic like that), lit only by the stars - we could see the Milky Way. We saw shooting stars. We were naked!

Why are we in the U.S. again?... Oh! Performing. Don't forget to come see our next (main) show 'Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre's (genuine) Performance Democracy' at Dixon Place on Wednesday, 9:30pm! Featuring Lois Weaver as Tammy Whynot!, the impartial adjudicator for our election!

And there are bears! (Though we haven't seen one yet, unfortunately...)

Monday 25 July 2011

Two days to go 'til NYC

-Sh!t Theatre head for Newark International in New Jersey like Tony Soprano, like TONY SOPRANO we are going to meet Tony Soprano, in 2 days. Get tickets for our show here, in the 'HEADLINERS' section:

Headliners!! Nothing at all to do with the presence of Lois Weaver on stage with us.

-Had a great gig last night at the Stockwell Grosvenor, and another pub singalong with yet another super-pianist. Look, a blog piece about us:
We're "funny as fucking fuck". Not sure if we can use that.

Sh!t Theatre at Acoustic Insurgency 24/07
Helen Simmons

-Helen Simmons Photographer Extraodinaire took some photos of us in our Sh!t garden the other day, check out our Facebook for the lot of them, but here's some of our faves!

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Sh!t HOT! flyer

Sh!t Theatre HOT! Fest Press Pack

D minus 9 days until Sh!t Theatre are in the USA.
Press pack by Claire Nolan our NYC producer innit.
Wanna see Sh!t Theatre before we get famous and never come back? Acoustic Insurgency @ The Stockwell Grosvenor this Sunday! BAM! LOOK HOW BIG THAT IS!!

Thursday 23 June 2011

Summery Summary

Summer approaches and we are finally getting our schedule together for what is going to be a very busy July and August..

Sh!t Theatre at HOT! Fest @ Dixon Place, NYC  - "homoeroticism for the whole family!":

'Sh!t Theatre present 'Sh!t Theatre's (genuine) Performance Democracy''.

Coming v soon to the blogosphere will be our sh!t poster guaranteed at least 75% as shit as last year's, as well as more info on both shows. We will be performing on the 29th July and 3rd August - alongside our support act, Slick Theatre, the UK no.1 Sh!t Theatre Tribute band -  in the lounge and main space respectively. All in collaboration with country singer turned lesbian performance artist, Tammy Whynot. All together now!: "She puts the CUNT back in COUNTRY, pulls the rug out from under me, in case you were wondering, she can put what she waaaants in meeeeeeee".
Also featuring short films from AiR Supply's finest, Helen Simmons.

Sh!t Theatre at Edinburgh Free Fringe @ The Phoenix Bar, Leith: 
'Following the outstanding success of 'SH!T THEATRE present: Sh!t Theatre', Sh!t Theatre present: 'Following the outstanding success of 'SH!T THEATRE present: Sh!t Theatre', Sh!t Theatre present: More Sh!t'.'

Haha! Meta is better. This year's Edinburgh show explores our process of making performance, in which we start with writing a 5*review and work backwards, thereby creating - clearly - the perfect show. This particular perfect show includes much-loved songs and sketches, new material, and our daily 'Review Revue'.

Run begins 10th August at 10.45pm. Though we still need floors to sleep on! Please let us know if you have Scottish floors! We will be generous in our love and wine and thanks.

Sh!t Theatre at Duckie @ RVT, London

6 minutes of wonder. 8 max.

'Tonight: Sh!t Theatre and Susannah Hart The Hairy Showgirl.'
But will she be hairier than us?? Competition starts now!

Sh!t Theatre at Shambala Festival @ The Rebel Soul Tent
'Sh!t Theatre present 'Sh!t Theatre's (genuine) Performance Democracy''.

25th-28th August, it's Sh!t Theatre in a field! Louise only just realised this would involve sleeping in a tent. 'You mean we have to camp? In a tent? Oh, I didn't think of that. I thought there would be some kind It's going to be very cold'. So, volunteers for spooning Louise in shifts, please email

UK's best and greenest music & arts festival, tickets still available, location disclosed on purchase!

If you are looking to see Sh!t Theatre in London before we leave on our travels, pop along to:
Islington Exhibits as produced by the Rowan Arts Charity
on 18th July


Acoustic Insurgency Choas Cabaret on July 24th at the Stockwell Grosvenor!

Also, I will be performing 'What I know about Wine So Far' at Laugh Out London Live on Friday 1st July. Loads of other comedians and such too, and it's FREE!

Monday 6 June 2011

SH!T Fringe

For our thousands of fans who will be in Edinburgh again this year, Sh!t Theatre will be back in the Gaybourhood at The Phoenix Bar in Leith from the 10th- 17th August with the Laughing Horse Free Fringe. More details to come!

Sunday 22 May 2011


 Flight: London to Newark

Traveller name: Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Fuller
 London (LHR) to Newark (EWR)27/07/1118:00 - 21:15bmi 6115 Operated By: CONTINENTAL AIRLINES
 Newark (EWR) to London (LHR)06/08/1118:25 - 06:45bmi 6110 Operated By: CONTINENTAL AIRLINES

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Sh!t @ Shambala!

Woohoo Sh!t Theatre will be performing in the Rebel Soul Tent at Shambala Festival 25th-28th August, a bargain at £119 for the official greenest best award-winning festival ever!

Has anyone seen 'Made in Chelsea' by the way? It's like The Only Way Is Essex but with posh people. I started watching it as I work in Notting Hill and thought it may help me understand anthropologically why 'ugh! LIVID!' is a reasonable phrase to employ in frustrating situations. Anyway there's this girl who hasn't noticed her boyfriend is a homo who just said 'I think I'm going to cry when I just think about skiing' and OH MY GOD this other girl thought she'd got stood up and but NO! he was in the restaurant all along, playing the piano.

In conclusion, something is wrong with the the world. And one way of combatting that is attending the official greenest best award-winning festival ever! "We believe we should take care of each other and the planet we inhabit" say Shambala. Wahey it's the opposite of 'Made in Chelsea'!

This Weekend
'Performance is a Dirty Word', a free weekend of performance at Battersea Arts Centre, featuring Ruth Turner, prominent Slick Theatre theorist, at 10pm on Friday night!

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Exclusive sh!t

Here, as promised, some exclusive sweet snapz of some hot babez on Soho Square a few weeks back.

Sh!t Theatre perform for UK Uncut's 'Stand Up for the Alternative: Comedy Bail-in' on Soho Square alongside superduper stars such as Josie Long and Mark Thomas.
 The Bail-in was intended to be staged in an occupied bank on Oxford Street, but was moved to Soho Square after the first attempt to enter a bank found it to be shut. Which was declared as a victory in itself, as the huge protest had forced Lloyds, HSBC etc. to close. Or because UK Uncut forgot banks don't open on Saturday afternoons. We say: VICTORY! 
The comedy bail-in set up in Soho Square instead, and despite the low-flying helicopters threatening to - heaven forbid - drown out our finely tuned harmonies/cutting satire, the gig was really fun, and we then joined the other fags and hippies and damn commies to protest against Uncle Dave and to dance in the streets of London. Which, really, is what the streets of London should be for.

Solid-Hilarity! Gediitt!!!!! LOL!!! Talking of LOL, that's Sh!t Theatre with Tom from Laugh Out London, and FreeEdPodcast!

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Sh!T Springtime

Just came down the stairs to find Lou very excited. Not sexually, mind you. 'Not to over-excite you this early in the day',  she said, 'but....'

Amazing prize for whoever guesses what it was that put her in such a good mood. Wow! Can't believe you got it so quickly! You're right, it is because Watercolour Challenge is now available on Youtube.

In other news, we have been awful busy with our hayfever. Also, I tried out an even more inebriated version of 'What I Know About Wine So Far' at Art Admin's 'Scrits', and Louise is working on a new solo piece, part three of her Music Series, based on the Madrigal format. Or, as I call it, How Louise Is Dealing With Her Deep-Rooted Psychological Fetish For Mother Figures.

Sh!t Theatre were recently on Resonance FM following the super fun we had with UK Uncut at the protests. Coming up, we are applying for festivally bits over the Summer (inc. Edinburgh Free Fringe) with the working title/ description: Following the outstanding success of "Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE", Sh!t Theatre present: "Following the outstanding success of "Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE", Sh!t Theatre present: More Sh!t Theatre"

We're so funny!!
Check us out next Thursday week at Mutiny's 'Violence on Trial'. (  We've decided our 'sometimes, rape is the answer' idea might not go down so well, so stay tuned for something else we come up with!

And Head on down to Laugh Out London's brand new free comedy night at the Queen's Head in Piccadilly Circus on Friday 6th May where we will be Head-lining. Not! Just wanted to get another 'head' in there, but we will be performing hooray! Anyway, in our minds, we're always the headline act.

So, that's:

Thursday 28th April @ The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green - 'Violence on Trial'
Friday 6th May @ The Queen's Head, Piccadilly Circus -  'Laugh Out London'

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Sh!t Theatre UNCUT

Sh!t Theatre will be doing our "witty political satire in song form exclamation mark" at UK Uncut's Stand up for the alternative Comedy Bail-in this Saturday 26th alongside bajillions of communists, gays and hippies! Celebrating our love for banks and all things bankable alongside Josie Long, Mark Thomas and other way more famous people than us. Meet at Soho Square at 2PM!!

Seriously though, support the fight against cuts and big ol' corporate tax dodging bad guys this weekend.

Friday 4 March 2011

A Sh!t fan video

For your enjoyment, our video from the Shunt performance 'Slick Theatre, the UK no.1 Sh!t Theatre Tribute band'!....

Many thanks to genius Helen Simmons for making it.

Also, stay tuned for more info on Sh!t Up North II. Louise is juggling rehearsals for Julia Bardsley's Open AiR performance, but we will hopefully make it up to Leeds on Saturday 13th for a night of punk, hardcore, noise, skiffle, politics and Sh!T!


Apologies to our many fans and followers for the lack of posts recently. We are awaiting some documentation bits from Shunt so expect some awesome pics and vids soon. Maybe.
Hey, you're a trendy lot, right? Well as you well know, Lou and I are big into our fashion and clothes. The other day at the pub I was wearing this old jumper my dad didn't want and looked over to notice that Louise was wearing an old shirt... That my dad didn't want. That's just one example. Anyway we will be providing entertainment this Saturday at the UCL Modo Fashion Show (near Euston/ Warren Street for those tubing it). Tickets £8.00
We will be exploring such topics as:
 - A Linda McCartney Vegetarian version of Lady Gaga's meat dress
 - Primark's new ethical campaign: Sponser the baby who made your shirt!
 - Sucking cock.

More SH!T coming soon! x

Wednesday 2 February 2011

Breaking News: SH!T

We're breaking news! Check out AiR Supply in the breaking news section of the breaking news:

That's right, we're the 'spirit of the underground', a little bit like that Girls Aloud single. As each day goes by, we become more and more like them. The Girls Aloud that is.

Anyway, don't forget to get your tickets seeing as we're the breaking news now. Friday 11th!

If you can't wait that long to see Sh!t Theatre, why not pop along and celebrate Anna Howard Shaw Day at Mutiny's 'Love on Trial' on Thursday 10th? Get your tickets here!
Guaranteed 100% under-rehearsed!

Love, SH!T THEATRE xxx

Thursday 27 January 2011

You too can be Sh!t @ Shunt!

Want to be in a Sh!t Theatre performance at SHUNT? 

All you have to do is webcam (that's right, "to webcam", it's a verb now) yourself singing along to Sh!t Theatre's 'Election Song'. Alternatively, use your clever phone or whatever video device you kids have these days. E-mail us the video ( or, if it's easier for you, upload it to Youtube and send us the link. 

Record and send by the 5th February at the latest, to be included in the SHUNT performance! The performance shall be part of 'AiR Supply @ SHUNT' on Friday 11th February!

Here is a link to a video of Sh!t Theatre performing the 'Election Song' on Youtube, for you to sing along with:

The lyrics are printed below:

Uncle David [Pause]

Uncle David, he’s related
To Queen Victoria
And TV historian Adam Hart Davis.
And in the recent expenses scandal it
Was revealed
That he spent
Two thousand five hundred and ninety four pounds on
‘Centrally purchased stationary’.
That’s fifth place in the country
For an MP [Pause]
On stationary.

He’s got one wife
Two kids
One dead kid.
Poor David.
Cerebral palsy
And epilepsy
Didn’t live very long sadly
Now Uncle David knows healthcare
Should be free.

Some things you learn from your father.
Some things you learn from your kids.
One point David.

Uncle Gordon [Pause]

He’s got one wife
Two kids
One dead kid.
‘How am I supposed to compare him with David?’
I hear you say,
‘When they have the same number of
Dead – kids?’

Well, he’s blind in one eye
And the kid that’s still alive
Has got a disability
So two-and-a-half points please.

Cystic fibrosis
Life expectancy is thirty-five.
He won’t get to do all those fun things like:
Be so drunk your sick on your parents head, or
Have sex in your parents’ bed, or…

…Or get a crush on your friend
But not say anything
Lest it disturb the
De-li-cate social balance.

Won’t be able to vote.
Won’t be able to vote Labour
Or get things wrong
Or get things right
Now Uncle Gordan knows the value of young life (/Or get things wrong)
Like how things should be a bit more easy (/Or get things right)
Like education for free.

Some things you learn from your father.
Some things you learn from your kids.
Two-and-a-half points Gordon.

Uncle Nick [Pause]

He’s got one wife
And three healthy children.
That’s why he’s the leader of the lib dems
And will never win
An election. [Pause]

Some things you learn from your father.
Some things you learn from your kids.
Your dead - kids.

Uncle Nick.
When he was a teen in Munich
He burnt a rare collection of cacti
But since he’s such a good guy
He hasn’t been arrested for arson since then
And now he’s the leader of the lib dems.

Becca: Louise, how many women has he slept with?
Louise: Erm, no more than thirty-four –
Becca: Before the age of twenty-four
Both: The Daily Mail call him
Thank god he doesn’t have a
Talking of Vaginas… [Pause]

Auntie Caroline.
No points for her
Because of her vagina…

Uncle Nick [Boo!]
Uncle Nick.
Educated in Suffolk.
One of only two boys at an all-girls school.
One eye,
One glass eye.
Nick Griffin’s father
Was the leader of the National Front
So he didn’t want any of
These! Or any of
These! Or any of
These! Who agrees? (/Or any of these)
Hands up please?
Yes, you. The young gentleman at the front with the tiny moustache…

Some things you learn from your
Massively racist, homophobic bigot of a father
Some things you learn from your kids.
Minus-one-million points Nick Griffin…

Some things you learn from your father.
Some things you learn from your kids.
That’s politics.

Have fun!

[By the way: the video is not an audition tape, it is footage that will be used in the Shunt performance. So make it as embarrassing as possible! Though what would be funny is if we made you audition to be in Sh!t Theatre. Like you desperately, desperately, wanna be us]

Sunday 23 January 2011

Self-fulfilling Sh!t

So you know how we think we're the funniest people ever? Well recently Lou watched back our performance from AiR Supply's 'Launch' and came to the harrowing conclusion that we were too drunk to be funny. So drunk, turns out, that we were shit. Not like, hilarious SH!T shit where everyone goes like, wow, those two cuties sure are cutting and talented, and my, don't they just have a certain charm. Not sh!t like that, just.. shit.

Well, no doubt our certain charm, especially my certain charm, renders all our performances somewhat successful, but we have decided for the sake of our unstoppable rise to fame, we will not get drunk before our shows anymore. Seriously.

So: FEBRUARY 11TH @ SHUNT come witness possibly the first ever sober Sh!T Theatre experience!

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Sh!t 2011

Sh!t Theatre welcome you all to 2011! Well done for making it this far.

Thanks to everyone who came along for NYE @ Shunt, we really enjoyed the cabaret & another brief experiment with performance in democracy ('Burqa King' was voted in by our live audience, which alleviates us of any responsibility for it). We also really enjoyed the burger queue where the second half of our performance took place. Ok, so there were slight technical hitches in the marquee related to people screaming louder than we could, but it was appreciative screaming and we appreciated the appreciation. Happy New Year!


You must be all on the edge of your seats! Well CALM DOWN!! Sh!t Theatre can be seen live and uncensored at:
AiR Supply at Shunt, February 11th (tbc). London, UK
We're back curating with AiR Supply in Shunt's bank room on the weekend of the 11th February. Confirmed performances by: Jen Smethurst, Anais Lalange, Priya Saujani, Tim Hopkins, and Sh!t Theatre. We have heard that our tribute band, Slick Theatre, also applied to perform. We would like to take this opportunity to again insist that we are in no way affiliated with Slick Theatre, though they as ever remain a loyal fanbase.

UCL Modo Fashion Show. March 4th and 5th. London. UK
Around the cloisters and quads of the uni, we will as ever be bringing our high fashion knowledge to the stage. Jokes, we'll probs just be dressed in burqas again. Performance art, fashion, beer and audience of 600, hurray!

Common Place. March 12th. Leeds, UK
We'll be all over Leeds like our reputation is on the internet. Zing! Told you we'd make it up in 2011. A day of noise, hardcore, politics, shoegaze and punk music/ ideas and some djing. SH!T UP NORTH 2011, go team!

Also I as in Becca will be performing 'What I know about wine so far' at The Roundhouse in Camden on Jan 18th for GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN's scratch night. Email for free tickets.

 Marquee @ Shunt NYE

 Cabaret @ Shunt NYE

Sh!t @ Shunt!

belated BED-IN PICS