Monday 30 August 2010

Sh!t Comedy

At the fringe last year or the year before we saw Isy Suttie of 'Peep Show Dobbie' fame. She performed a song about how it is really boring to listen to other people's dreams. Ironically, it was even more boring to hear her say that. ZING! Stick to TV Isy. Anyway, last night I dreamt that Lou and I were at an interview to be Catherine Zeta Jones's dog groomer. And in response to your question Louise, CZJ was not the dog, she just owned the dog.

Upcoming Sh!t

Sh!t Theatre will be performing at war photographer Guy Smallman's Anarcho-acoustic night at the Stockwell Grovesnor on Sunday 26th September.
(17 Sidney Road, London SW9 0TP, United Kingdom

 We will also be previewing a commissioned piece for Mutiny's 'Fashion on Trial' Fashion Week Special at The Resistance Gallery on 29th September.
(265 Poyser Street, London E2 9RF )

Stay tuned for more details on the AiR Supply collective and our planned performance event at the end of the month..hopefully featuring the Dinosaur Disco. Maybe you should 'like' us on Facebook. Maybe that would help.

Sh!t Edinburgh Reviews

The Scotsman review has disapperared from cyber space. Let's just say, the quote is:
'beautifully harmonised and, even better, mercilessly witty'
and leave it at that.

I don't think it counts that a Three Weeks reviewer, who turned up to see the show after us, tagged along to the Pear Tree and ordered neat vodka. So our next review comes from the lovely Stephen 'Original Sauce' Young of Leith FM :


When we approached the Newsroom, at the top of Leith Street. Having a quick glance at the posters, there was one which us flies were attracted to more than any other: 'SH!T THEATRE' unplanned we buzzed our way downstairs to land in on the show.
What we landed in on was an intimate room with two young ladies singing away about the dangers of foxes. Now I myself have a paranoia about the four-legged gingers so coudl related to what they sang, but in all seriousness the girls who turned out to be called not Boouise but Becca and Louise, are in fact vegetarians, and were in fact my little gems of the night.
They deliver an act of current affairs satire that holds no prisoners with song and a great understanding of each other. From Prime Minister David Cameron to the dangers of foxes via the Fox Network, then next stop Sarah Palin hunting dinosaurs. I found myself laughing out loud and sometimes thinkign 'OOOFT..did they just say that??' but I still laughed. Why? Cos it was funny!!
Check them out..wherever they play, you will laugh.

Stephen Young.

You can also listen to our interview with the Free Edinburgh Podcast, in which we introduce the word 'cameltoe-y' to the English Language:
Listen Here -

Sh!t Theatre Edinburgh run-down

Sh!t Theatre were at The Laughing Horse Free Fringe at Edinburgh Festival 2010.

We paid nothing for the venue, charged nothing for the tickets, and slept 5 1/2 lesbians & a German to one bedroom, and had a great time.

In true shit style our posters and flyers didn't turn up. Next time we are not ordering them in from East Germany. Turns out, East Germany doesn't even really exist anymore. These days you just call it: 'Germany'. However, being screwed over by Germans comes naturally to resourceful English women and thanks to the wankers at Print 24  we accidentally created our own gimmick...our hand-drawn 'a Sh!t poster presents: Sh!t Theatre' posters, which were, to our constant amazement, well received.

Free Fringe Gems to check out:
Japanese Gypsy Funk, amazing people and incredible musicians
Amoeba to Zebra. Supposed to be for children but we haven't taken the album off since they left.
Reproduction! Yay! Die! Booooo!

The Two Shows We Actually Paid For:
Daniel Kitson at The Traverse Theatre (This was at 10am. Did the arrogant cunt really think we would get up that early and traipse across the city? Well yeah, we did. And it was wonderful. Though, we all agreed,  no 66a Church Road)

Josie Longs' Be Honourable 

We actually performed alongside Josie Long at The Resistance Gallery in July, and when we went to her fringe show we were greeted by her at the door..'Becca!'..'Louise!'...Probably not because we were wearing those t-shirts with our names written on them. Probably because she recognised us from when we were hiding upstairs in Bethnal Green trying to cover the fact we snuck our own beer in.

Sh!t Theatre Present: Some Sh!t Photos

 Click the picture for a link to our photo album

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