Tuesday 26 February 2013

ACE-funded Sh!t

People of Sh!t Britain, we would like to thank anyone who has ever bought a lottery ticket and we would like to thank Uncle David and the Tories for yet again funding some Sh!t Theatre and we would like to thank our mums, and Reggie, and the crippling fear of our own potential... *weeps into award*

Hurray! We got more Arts Council funding! This means we will definitely be part of Escalator East to Edinburgh 2013, and we will be able to afford a place to sleep and actual flyers and food, which will be smashing. We're taking the re-write of Job Seekers Anonymous to the Fringe this year, and as part of the Escalator programme,will be producing audio description for the show and confirming a venue that is wheelchair accessible. And then we will be taking over the world.


- See some silly new material at Duckie this Saturday 2nd March @ the RVT. Also on the bill are Erin Hill & her psychedelic harp and Martin O'Brien and Sheree Rose. Our set features Shaggy and Pope Benedict XVI.

- See some silly old material at Luke & Michael's Chemistry Set this Sunday 3rd March @ the Wilmington Arms. Also on the bill are Luke & Michael doing some improv, probably about bears or swords, and Adam Oliver.

Friday 15 February 2013

Sh!t Burger!

Exciting Meaty Announcements

See Burger Van, a brand new collaboration between Sh!t Theatre and Tim Hopkins #TimOnABike #Copyright
at Camden People's Theatre this March as part of Sprint Festival 2013 (first exciting announcement). We will be showing the very first work-in-progress version of our play extravaganza at CPT before our residency at Battersea Arts Centre (second exciting announcement) in May/June as part of their Summer Cook Up season.

The play contains no jokes about horse meat. That may be because horse jokes are too easy, or because we haven't written the play yet. You can make your own assumptions as to which of those statements is true.

For fans of Sh!t Collaborations, you can see us and Phil O'Shea a.k.a Sh!t O'Shea doing a new little bit at Laugh Out London this Monday 18th at the Camden Head!