Monday 28 May 2012

Sh!t Theatre in Suffolk

Quick post to remind all Suffolk-bound that we are live at PULSE Fringe tomorrow night (Tuesday 29th May) with the first full-length preview of our JSA at 9pm at the New Wolsey Studio. The set arrived this afternoon so we've had literally tens of minutes to rehearse with it! Massive thanks to Zoom Print though, the eco-rollers look awesome and if you follow us on twitter you'll see a little photo of Real Louise with with Giant Eco-Roller Louise which is one of the nine we're using for the show.
We're also on at 9am tomorrow (Tuesday 29th May) (2012) and due to Ofcom regulations we'll be trying not to say 'Shit Theatre', so listen up, we are sure it will fun or at least awkward, which will be funny for you.

Hay On Wye and the Isle Of Dogs
More info on the above coming soon!

Tuesday 22 May 2012


Buenas dias amigos, y bienvenido a Teatro de Mierda. Como estas? Bien?


So we have to unfortunately miss tonight's mini-preview at Motel de Nowhere due to scheduling 'problemas' with the Leverhulme Talks on Theatre and Adaptation. Those of you who wanted to see 30-40 mins of solid new(ish) shit can now see 30-40 mins of us serving you free booze in Mile End. If that doesn't appeal, head to Motel de Nowhere anyway and check out character comedian Fran Moulds, she's great and she's been on the radio and stuff.

One week to go until PULSE Festival, check out the awesome line-up here:
we're on Tuesday 29th May at 9pm at the New Wolsey Studio, a bargain at £5 and we have definitely finished writing it and I don't know where you got the idea that we haven't. Fans of Ipswich Community Radio can hear us trying to plug 'Sh!t Theatre' without saying 'Sh!t Theatre' at 9am on Tuesday 29th.

Also next week you can see us at:
- Wilmops long-form improv (with our team Problem Child), The Wilmington Arms, Farringdon, Sunday May 27th

-Funny Women Awards at the Green Carnation, Soho,Friday 1st June (June!?!? Fuck!)

- Stars and Their Pies, Stoke Newington International Airport, Saturday 2nd June, where we will be appearing as a Peter Paul and Mary tribute act with a twist. (A pie-based twist).

Sunday 6 May 2012

May I?..

Hello world, happy Bank Holiday. Busy weeks for Sh!t Theatre just passed, Lou has been working as Amy Lame's Technical Manager for 'Unhappy Birthday' and I have been gigging a lot, including a new one-to-one bit about the mayoral elections for Live Art Speed Date at the Land of Kings Festival.

Despite overall being Very Busy Important Business People we managed to get down to The Camden Head this Saturday 5th May for Lolitics at The Camden Crawl Festival. We were quite late turning up so we did what was probably quite a sweaty 8 minutes and then had to run off again on our separate ways. I managed to catch Sir Ian Bowler MP before I had to leave and he was most excellent and next time I think I will probably vote Tory. This week we also confirmed dates with Bethnal Green Working Mens Club for the Summer, so put THURSDAY 5TH JULY and THURSDAY 26TH JULY in the diaries for performances of Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre's JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) + our club night 'office party for the unemployed'.

This week we're getting started on our Sh!t Theatre JSA workshops with AGLOW, the association of Greater London Older Women. Our preview of the show will be at PULSE Fringe Festival on May 29th in Ipswich.
 - On Friday 11th we are competing at the 'Funny Women Awards'  - queue oxymoron jokes - in Soho for the grand prize of a year's supply of Blue Nun & some make-up (seriously).

 - Sunday 13th we are back at the Wilmington Arms with Problem Child for some more of London's finest or at least most regular long-form improv.

- Monday 14th we return to Richard Strange's Cabaret Futura in Kensal Green. Hurray!

-Wednesday 16th we are previewing the mammoth with Phil O'Shea, probably at a completely inappropriate comedy venue. For more info on that, follow us on Twitter @shittheatre