Friday 10 January 2014

Whitstable is not Sh!t

Hello from The Expansionists in Whitstable where we are on residency starting work on our new show Guinea Pigs On Trial.
Today we learnt to play the spoons, and last night we watched the 2005 straight-to-TV movie Side Effects starring Katherine Heigl. So it's going well.

Here's a photo of Louise's new sh!t instrument:

Expect to see 'Child Prodigy Midget Accordion' in all our upcoming shows.

We have actually being getting lots of work done here (as well as the spoons thing) (and the Katherine Heigl thing). We have the whole lovely flat to ourselves and the space and sea air are perfect for working on new ideas and getting some serious research done. Highly recommend to anyone who needs some time away to think to apply to the Expansionists residency:

Louise just asked 'have you mentioned Katherine Heigl yet? Yes, twice. Three times now.

When we're back from residency in a week or so, we have a few gigs coming up:

January 22nd: JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) 2014 at Black Box Banter, Pinter Studio + after show Banter (QMUL students only)
January 25th: LOCO Comedy Film Festival at BFI Southbank, we're doing a turn as part of their 'Satire Day'
January 31st: Who The Fuck Is Alice? performing a section of Women's Hour  + TWO Sh!t DJ sets

Please come to the Chelsea Theatre and see JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) 2014 as part of 'Fresh Blood'.
Last JSA in London. First public JSA show following Edinburgh mega-success (that's the official term for it). We love the Chelsea Theatre and we would love it more if it was full of you. 7th & 8th February. Here's the link again so you don't even have to read back over the last 4 lines: