Friday 31 December 2010

Sh!t New Year at SHUNT!


Come and see in the new year with SH!T THEATRE!

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Sh!t Christmas!

Many happy returns to all good men and Jesus on this the first day of the Passover. As tradition dictates, Lou and I are sitting in a room, complaining about things and eating other things Karim or Ruth have in the fridge. Too late Ruth! You're not here now!

We're winding down during the festive season, but stay tuned in the coming new year for exciting AiR Supply events. We recently had some meetings and bloodee bloo and we have arranged an AiR Supply event at SHUNT in mid-February! Sh!t Theatre are very excited about this, and will be again part of the organising team as well as performing. Slick Theatre will not be appearing, despite their apparent eagerness. Look guys, we appreciate you are big fans, but we don't have a huge amount of time on our hands.

In other news, Sh!t Theatre have some interesting music projects in the pipeline. Firstly, the now infamous 'Sh!t Theatre Paedo-Medley' is coming soon to an internet near you.

Furthermore, Sh!t Theatre have started "work" on a Christmas single for release in December 2011. Seeing as how we're not as well known as, for example Bob Geldof or Coldplay or Bing Crosby or David Bowie or that guy from The Beatles or that other guy from the Beatles or Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo or The Pogues, or Slade or Shakin' Stevens or Mud (arguable that one) or The Pretenders or what's that guy that released 'Bo! Selecta'? don't know Louise, sorry, or Elton John or Elvis or or Mariah Carey or Boney M who are bigger than you think or Wham or The Darkness, we doubt this will guarantee us a no.1 hit. However we expect it will be included on some compilations, for which we will at least receive some royalties every year. From now until our deaths.


Have a good one folks. Merry Christmas, and may 2011 be as Sh!t as 2010! x

Friday 10 December 2010

Re: Marital sleep rape.

Using Lou's laptop throws up some interesting title suggestions. The above intriguing 'Re: Marital sleep rape' was my favourite..she's such an enigma you know.. what was that referring to? Just adds to the Mystery of the Mothersole. Other title suggestions included:

'Die hand die verletzt.'


'Sandwich day joke help.'

To Business - Thanks to all who came along and made last week's run of performance and stress super fun. World AIDS Day, Balls to Xmas and AiR Supply's 'Launch' were all great, and though Sh!t Theatre may have been out of tune or drunk or both at some *all* of them, the audiences seemed to enjoy it. World AIDs Day Extravaganza featured a mighty pub sing-a-long and a 3am snowball fight; at 'Balls to Xmas' at the The Resistance Gallery, we were coaxed into a Christian AIDS -followed-by Burqa King set and then Garry got pissed and sang us some lovely carols while we fondled the artists' balls; 'Launch' managed to entice over 60 people through the door despite extreme weather conditions and competing Friday night shenanigans, and Louise and I got smashed and pulled some pretty sweet moves on the dance floor after a performance of Christian AIDS/Free Schools. Hurray!  I also previewed 'What I Know About Wine So Far' which, thanks to Lou and Ruth's editing/advice, was great fun to perform as well.  

Coming Soon:

AiR Supply upcoming events!

By the way, if any of our many followers hear about a Sh!t Theatre tribute band, please let us know. There are whispered rumours of a soi-disant 'Slick Theatre' galivanting around imitating us, and we would like to put a stop to it.

'Launch' Photos by Lauren Davis

Monday 29 November 2010

Sh!t quality live-feed video from the Bluecoat Bed-in

Sh!t in bed:

Busy busy sh!T - timetable update!

Wednesday 1st 7pm-11pm: 'World AIDS Day Extravaganza' at The Grosvenor, Stockwell, London. Proceeds to the N.A.T.

Thursday 2nd   'Balls to Xmas' Opening  at The Resistance Gallery - Sh!t Theatre will be performing a quick song and enjoying the balls.

Friday 3rd 7.30pm-2am: AiR Supply 'Launch' at The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London. Last event, over 100 people in attendance and was most googled performance thing that night, don't miss it!

A Sh!t Endorsement.

We're back from Liverpool! Many thanks to Rajat and his flatmates/ floor, to The Bluecoat and to Yoko Ono. I'm sure you allll watched us on the live web-feed-thing, so no need to go into details, but the bed-in was a really interesting experience and the start of a new experiment with democracy in performance which we look forward to developing. It was also the second time we have come up against censorship, only this time they had no problem with the burqas and dead babies. Just the word 'shit', which we weren't even allowed to write down. In a gallery. On a piece of paper. Hardcore!

We also used the opportunity to start work on two new pieces, live in front of the Bed-in crowd! ("crowd"). One is the much-anticipated 'Christian AIDS' concept which will possibly be previewed this Wednesday at the 'Musical Extravaganza for World AIDS Day' at The Stockwell Grosvenor, the other is about the breaking news that Colin Firth will be editing BBC Radio 4's Today Show over the festive season. And how you won't be able to see his lovely eyes through the radio (Disclaimer: you can see his lovely eyes if you watch the live web-feed-thing of BBC Radio 4's Today Show). It's a winner.

Also our boiler is fixed, thanks for asking. More Sh!T videos from Edinburgh are coming v soon to YouTube when my laptop is fixed. For now, enjoy our wonderful flatmate Karim endorsing us! He's Karim Jlil, and he approves of Sh!t Theatre!
And here's a masturbating dinosaur:

AiR Supply News

  • We are apparently running/curating the very first live art stage at Lovebox Festival 2011. More news to come!

Sh!t Theatre getting paid.

  • Sh!t Theatre will be performing ("headlining", actually, thanks to our inappropriate-for-daylight material) at Paradise Gardens in Victoria Park this Summer.
  • Don't forget 'Duckie' @ RVT in August!

See you on Wednesday and don't forget to keep Friday free for AiR Supply's 'Launch'!

Saturday 27 November 2010

our boiler is sh!t

This morning our estate agents sent us a letter containing the phone number of who we should call 'in case our boiler breaks on the weekend'. Then the boiler broke. Did they make it happen?  Did the receiving of that letter cause the boiler to break? Or did they just predict the future? Are they angels, or demons? Should we really arrest someone who maybe in the future will commit a crime? Is it really Tom Cruise's fault that thems the rules? Oh no, wait -  that's Minority Report.

The great unwashed are heading North! See you in Liverpool!

Friday 26 November 2010

Sh!t in Bed

Sh!T Theatre are off up North to be Sh!t in Bed tomorrow! Very exciting. Also, I hope you all caught Louise Mothersole's 'Musical Memoirs' at Arts Admin Scrits last night, a resounding success, I hear, even after her cat vomited all over our lounge.

Just 2 nights ago, we were discussing the charity Christian Aid: And how Christian Aid sounds a little bit like Christians with AIDS. Or Christians giving AIDS, to poor people. Anyway, was woken up with a call this morning from Carl (not Arl, oops) asking us to participate in the 'Musical Extravaganza For World AIDS Day' next Wednesday night at the Grosvenor in Stockwell.

Get your tickets! Lord only knows if we will have the grace and tact not to get up and do a Christian AIDS performance at an AIDS benefit gig.

Next week is getting super busy...we are curating/ performing at 'Launch', the second AiR Supply event on Friday 3rd at The Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green. We're quite nervous about following 'Test Launch', seeing as how it was a great and totally unexpected success, so if you are around, please come down and check out some awesome performances, films and installations, and enjoy the box wine at the bar.

Quick Sh!t Timetable for upcoming week:

Sunday 28th 11am-1.30pm: 'Bed-In' at The Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool. Watch us via video link from the website.

Wednesday 1st 7pm-11pm: 'World AIDS Day Extravaganza' at The Grosvenor, Stockwell, London. Proceeds to the N.A.T.

Friday 3rd 7.30pm-2am: AiR Supply 'Launch' at The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London. Last event, over 100 people in attendance and was most googled performance thing that night, don't miss it!

Monday 22 November 2010

Sh!t Theatre Videos/ It's Sh!t Up North

Look, we're on youtube:

More highlights from 'Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE' will be online this week and, as soon as we figure out why Apple Macintosh hate us, so will our performance from AiR Supply. Do any of our many followers know how to make the know...go on the blog? on the side bar? help..?

Good news! For those of you who won't make it to Liverpool this Sunday the 28th, you can watch us LIVE via the magic of webfeed thing from 11am onwards:

Unfortunately our 'It's Sh!t Up North' Tour has been reduced to just Merseyside. Don't cry Leeds, it's not your fault! Well, it is. Anyway, we will hopefully be Sh!t in Leeds in the new year, but for now, what is rare is valuable so Sh!t Theatre are like '00 Bordeaux. Put your names down on the waiting list! VIPs only.

Peace out x

Monday 15 November 2010


Dear Friends,

If anybody sees any photos of us from that 82 Great Eastern Street gig on Saturday: we didn't know about the Hitler thing. Capiche? We didn't know he was there.

Now we have that cleared up, here's a little treat for you -earlier this afternoon when planning 'Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE IN BED' for our upcoming tour of the North, Louise and I came across this. Look how awesome we sound! ..

We are looking to re-locate our political material from the traditional confines of the theatrical performance space, to the highly-charged, historically significant location of the bed-in.
We feel we want to take the step towards becoming actively political with our work and combining arts & activism, as opposed to merely discussing politics through our work.
Additionally, we feel the very aesthetic of the bed would lend itself to the surreal quality of our performance art.
This action is important to us politically and personally. As feminist performance artists, we feel the domestic space of the bed is one which can be used to question and subvert. The bed would also serve to highlight the feminist content of our performance and put the queer elements of our work in a domestic context - a context in which the LGBT community is rarely portrayed in the media.
Personally, we would also be delighted to take part in an anti-violence action in the manner of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, of whom we are fans.

..You're welcome.



P.S Here are some pics from our Sh!t Theatre Free School installation. Enjoy them as you bask in awesomeness of our bed-in spiel.

Sunday 7 November 2010

Guy Fawkes is sh!t

It's a sad time for all us Catholics, constantly reminded of our failure to end the English democratic process. Thankfully this week can only get better!  Open AiR Festival is starting, hurray, and with AiR Supply we will be hosting the after-party on Friday night (12th), where we will be plying artists with costco wine and also previewing our first AiR Supply promotional film.

Saturday night (13th), Sh!t Theatre will be live and totally uncensored at 'Sweet Delight and Endless Night' on Great Eastern Street after 9pm ( The Burqa King piece will feature an added new extra bit which we are very (possibly overly) excited about.'s a date for your 2011 diaries: Sh!t Theatre will be performing at Duckie on Saturday 20th August. August! Anything could happen between now and then!

Finally, sitting on the sofa next to me in our new home, Louise says she likes her satsumas like she likes her women. Dry and wrinkly.

Have a good Sunday!

Thursday 4 November 2010

Sh!T Theatre Free School

New material tonight @ Mutiny's 'Education on Trial'! We're on at 7.30pm mas o menos at ULU HQ, nearest tube stations for you strike followers are: Goodge Street/ Warren Street/ Russell Square/ Euston Square. Considering we haven't really written this yet, and it's 10.30am , it might be an interesting night. We're going for a new format so any friendly supporting faces would be v much appreciated.

In other news, scientists at John Hopkins University have found a way of deleting painful memories from mice.

For your diaries

  • AiR Supply are hosting the after-party for the Open AiR Festival at The People's Palace, Mile End next Friday 12th after Ron Athey performs. Booze, Snacks, Films, Business Cards and Dancing around.

  • Sh!t Theatre will also be performing on Saturday 13th. Details coming soon!

Saturday 30 October 2010

AiR Supply 'Test Launch'

Thankyou all for coming down to The Resistance Gallery this Thursday. Some how, we got over 90 people through the door, performances went smoothly, the films looked great, and a load of magazines and even the Guardian turned up (Though they are writing a piece about underground art movements...considering the gallery also hosts live 'art sex' parties and mexican wrestling nights, he may have picked the wrong evening..).
We were apparently the most googled event that evening in London, and have been turning up on blogs all over the..blogosphere..can't believe I used that word. And, we are still alive! We didn't get jihaded over the burqa thing! Hurray for free speech. We also met some exciting new people with some exciting new collaboration stick around and hear about that soon.

Lola from Mutiny came and showed her support for uncensored- women-in-paper-burqas, and now we are performing at next week's EDUCATION ON TRIAL at ULU HQ on THURSDAY... No idea what we will be doing ... cos, y'know, we need the adrenaline rush of being totally unprepared, baby, like Jason Statham in Crank. And Crank 2. Sure to be a good night!..

                                                     Photo by Tolga Akmen

Saturday 23 October 2010

Sh!t slideshow

Check out our sh!t slideshow for a few new pics from September.
See you aaaalllll on Thursday!

Monday 11 October 2010

P.S (Post Sh!t?)

AiR Supply blog is up and running. You can tell from the way it looks good that we had nothing to do with making it-

Also, change of running order for the 28th, this is new line-up:

Doors open at 7.30
Priya Saujani - 11 - from 8pm
Hannah Dunn - Amazing Grace:Self Portrait 2010 - 8.20pm
Sh!t Theatre (Louise Mothersole & Rebecca Fuller) - Burqa King - 8.30pm
INTERVAL - 20 mins
Lewis Church - Errant Night (Book Two)- 9.15pm
Anais Lalange - How To Tell  - 9.30pm

DRINKS & MUSIC FROM 7.30 and all night and then more from 10pm. Buy beer!

Sunday 10 October 2010

Sh!t Theatre up North

It's Octobsh!t, and I hope you have all not forgotten about AiR Supply's 'Test Launch' coming up very soon on Thursday 28th at The Resistance Gallery.
Here is a link to the half-hearted facebook event:

Expect: exciting installations from Priya Saujani and Hannah Dunn, German cinema, Lewis Church's avant- garde penis (as per usual), French physical theatre from the very talented Anais Lalange, and Tim Hopkins. Yes! Tim!

On the decks will be whoever has the strongest will and the sharpest fingernails... Louise Mothersole, mother of soul, Lewis Church from the church of soul and Rebecca Fuller, full of soul, will hopefully get a chance to spin some sweet soul tunez. Spin as in press play on the Ipod.

SH!T THEATRE will be performing towards the end of the night, and beer will be available alll alllong the evening.

Sh!t Theatre NEWS
We will also be performing in Liverpool on Sunday, November 28th at The Bluecoat Gallery as part of their bed-in season:,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,846/year,2010/month,10/day,09/Itemid,14/

Our plan is to use elements of our Edinburgh show, and work with audience members throughout the day developing it, writing new songs, incorporating their ideas and suggestions, and generally getting them involved in the process of making performance as well as ending the day with a final adapted version of Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre. The active spectators shall experience a democratic mode of composing songs; the boredom, the humour, the highs and the lows of constructing a performance piece, subtly echoing those elements of democratic policy-making.

That last bit is copied from our proposal. Slick Theatre, ladies and gentlemen, Slick Theatre.

Thursday 30 September 2010

Neither the time nor the place

SH!T THEATRE HAVE BEEN CENSORED!!! We got about 10 seconds into our "Burqa King" piece last night at Mutiny's 'Fashion On Trial' before some of the organisers decided it was too offensive. All credit to Lola and Deb, they heard us out and gave us their secret underground support, but the others now assume we are dirty dirty racists. Still, we hope they ask us back - we generally really like the evenings and the commission-style set up we've got going on helps us get off our arses and make new work.

The piece itself, we believe, is not offensive in any way. It is an attempt on our behalf to address an issue which is prevalent in our area of London, and indeed a reaction to the fact they tried to censor us in the first place. We are not Islamaphobes. We just think wearing newspaper burqas is pretty funny. In the context of the piece. Not in general. Though maybe... No, definitely not.
Religion. Not. Funny.

Though we heard this awesome Pope joke the other day...

SO, if you want to see SH!T THEATRE in our un-censored glory, why not come back to THE RESISTANCE GALLERY on THURSDAY 28TH OCTOBER for AiR Supply's TEST LAUNCH? Posters and more details etc. coming soon.

(Thanks to Lewis Church for the picture. Obviously spent too many hours on a megabus this week. Check him out this Friday/ Saturday at 'Emergency' in Manchester: )

Monday 27 September 2010

Censored Sh!t

Had a great night at Acoustic Insurgency. Check out Commie Faggots Big thanks to everyone who came along, especially you guys who have seen it so many many times before. Tom from the awesome also popped along.wahey!

Where were the BBC last night?? Good question. Maybe they will be there on WEDNESDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER at THE RESISTANCE GALLERY where we will be performing alongside Josie Long. again. booyah. This time it's Mutiny's 'Fashion on Trial'. We were on their facebook page but since we told them we want to do our "burqa piece" we've been taken come along and see our (potentially) censored performance on Wednesday! Should be a good night, even if we get thrown out. TICKETS ON SALE NOW

Monday 20 September 2010


Sh!t Theatre are homeless! Apparently there is an East-London wide shortage of 4 bed places, minus the one we saw the other day with the oil stalagmites. Help?

On another note, Lou just got off the phone to the BBC (ha!!! I can't believe I just wrote that!), and the elusive Juliet of Total Politics is sending somebody along to see us on SUNDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER at the STOCKWELL GROVESNOR and to THE RESISTANCE GALLERY on  WEDNESDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday 15 September 2010

AiR Supply Test Test Launch

We have some dates for the AiR Supply Launch! and the Test Launch! And the Test Test Launch! And then the Opening Night! Followed by the First Launch and The Second Beginning!

(That's a joke that will work really well in about six months, but which we are preemptively finding funny.)

So, with the rest of the AiR Supply Collective we are running a performance night at the amazing Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green.

Meagre deets we have to give at this early hour of the day- 

AiR Supply TEST TEST LAUNCH: Thursday 28th October
Performances, Films, Music, Installations, Beer. 

AiR Supple Launch @ OPEN AIR: We will also be hosting a kind of after-party for the Open AiR Festival in November, for various reasons zzzzzzzz this time at The People's Palace, Mile End.  The dates are currently being moved around to fit in with Sacred at The Chelsea Theatre, so stay tuned for updates innit. Performing at Open AiR are Ron Athey and Kira O'Reilly.

We will be back at The Resistance Gallery on FRIDAY 3RD DECEMBER with a super bangin' late licence


Resistance Gallery. FIND IT

Monday 30 August 2010

Sh!t Comedy

At the fringe last year or the year before we saw Isy Suttie of 'Peep Show Dobbie' fame. She performed a song about how it is really boring to listen to other people's dreams. Ironically, it was even more boring to hear her say that. ZING! Stick to TV Isy. Anyway, last night I dreamt that Lou and I were at an interview to be Catherine Zeta Jones's dog groomer. And in response to your question Louise, CZJ was not the dog, she just owned the dog.

Upcoming Sh!t

Sh!t Theatre will be performing at war photographer Guy Smallman's Anarcho-acoustic night at the Stockwell Grovesnor on Sunday 26th September.
(17 Sidney Road, London SW9 0TP, United Kingdom

 We will also be previewing a commissioned piece for Mutiny's 'Fashion on Trial' Fashion Week Special at The Resistance Gallery on 29th September.
(265 Poyser Street, London E2 9RF )

Stay tuned for more details on the AiR Supply collective and our planned performance event at the end of the month..hopefully featuring the Dinosaur Disco. Maybe you should 'like' us on Facebook. Maybe that would help.

Sh!t Edinburgh Reviews

The Scotsman review has disapperared from cyber space. Let's just say, the quote is:
'beautifully harmonised and, even better, mercilessly witty'
and leave it at that.

I don't think it counts that a Three Weeks reviewer, who turned up to see the show after us, tagged along to the Pear Tree and ordered neat vodka. So our next review comes from the lovely Stephen 'Original Sauce' Young of Leith FM :


When we approached the Newsroom, at the top of Leith Street. Having a quick glance at the posters, there was one which us flies were attracted to more than any other: 'SH!T THEATRE' unplanned we buzzed our way downstairs to land in on the show.
What we landed in on was an intimate room with two young ladies singing away about the dangers of foxes. Now I myself have a paranoia about the four-legged gingers so coudl related to what they sang, but in all seriousness the girls who turned out to be called not Boouise but Becca and Louise, are in fact vegetarians, and were in fact my little gems of the night.
They deliver an act of current affairs satire that holds no prisoners with song and a great understanding of each other. From Prime Minister David Cameron to the dangers of foxes via the Fox Network, then next stop Sarah Palin hunting dinosaurs. I found myself laughing out loud and sometimes thinkign 'OOOFT..did they just say that??' but I still laughed. Why? Cos it was funny!!
Check them out..wherever they play, you will laugh.

Stephen Young.

You can also listen to our interview with the Free Edinburgh Podcast, in which we introduce the word 'cameltoe-y' to the English Language:
Listen Here -

Sh!t Theatre Edinburgh run-down

Sh!t Theatre were at The Laughing Horse Free Fringe at Edinburgh Festival 2010.

We paid nothing for the venue, charged nothing for the tickets, and slept 5 1/2 lesbians & a German to one bedroom, and had a great time.

In true shit style our posters and flyers didn't turn up. Next time we are not ordering them in from East Germany. Turns out, East Germany doesn't even really exist anymore. These days you just call it: 'Germany'. However, being screwed over by Germans comes naturally to resourceful English women and thanks to the wankers at Print 24  we accidentally created our own gimmick...our hand-drawn 'a Sh!t poster presents: Sh!t Theatre' posters, which were, to our constant amazement, well received.

Free Fringe Gems to check out:
Japanese Gypsy Funk, amazing people and incredible musicians
Amoeba to Zebra. Supposed to be for children but we haven't taken the album off since they left.
Reproduction! Yay! Die! Booooo!

The Two Shows We Actually Paid For:
Daniel Kitson at The Traverse Theatre (This was at 10am. Did the arrogant cunt really think we would get up that early and traipse across the city? Well yeah, we did. And it was wonderful. Though, we all agreed,  no 66a Church Road)

Josie Longs' Be Honourable 

We actually performed alongside Josie Long at The Resistance Gallery in July, and when we went to her fringe show we were greeted by her at the door..'Becca!'..'Louise!'...Probably not because we were wearing those t-shirts with our names written on them. Probably because she recognised us from when we were hiding upstairs in Bethnal Green trying to cover the fact we snuck our own beer in.

Sh!t Theatre Present: Some Sh!t Photos

 Click the picture for a link to our photo album

ShIt Blog

Welcome to Sh!t Blog.

No,we don't have facebook.