Monday 29 November 2010

Sh!t quality live-feed video from the Bluecoat Bed-in

Sh!t in bed:

Busy busy sh!T - timetable update!

Wednesday 1st 7pm-11pm: 'World AIDS Day Extravaganza' at The Grosvenor, Stockwell, London. Proceeds to the N.A.T.

Thursday 2nd   'Balls to Xmas' Opening  at The Resistance Gallery - Sh!t Theatre will be performing a quick song and enjoying the balls.

Friday 3rd 7.30pm-2am: AiR Supply 'Launch' at The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London. Last event, over 100 people in attendance and was most googled performance thing that night, don't miss it!

A Sh!t Endorsement.

We're back from Liverpool! Many thanks to Rajat and his flatmates/ floor, to The Bluecoat and to Yoko Ono. I'm sure you allll watched us on the live web-feed-thing, so no need to go into details, but the bed-in was a really interesting experience and the start of a new experiment with democracy in performance which we look forward to developing. It was also the second time we have come up against censorship, only this time they had no problem with the burqas and dead babies. Just the word 'shit', which we weren't even allowed to write down. In a gallery. On a piece of paper. Hardcore!

We also used the opportunity to start work on two new pieces, live in front of the Bed-in crowd! ("crowd"). One is the much-anticipated 'Christian AIDS' concept which will possibly be previewed this Wednesday at the 'Musical Extravaganza for World AIDS Day' at The Stockwell Grosvenor, the other is about the breaking news that Colin Firth will be editing BBC Radio 4's Today Show over the festive season. And how you won't be able to see his lovely eyes through the radio (Disclaimer: you can see his lovely eyes if you watch the live web-feed-thing of BBC Radio 4's Today Show). It's a winner.

Also our boiler is fixed, thanks for asking. More Sh!T videos from Edinburgh are coming v soon to YouTube when my laptop is fixed. For now, enjoy our wonderful flatmate Karim endorsing us! He's Karim Jlil, and he approves of Sh!t Theatre!
And here's a masturbating dinosaur:

AiR Supply News

  • We are apparently running/curating the very first live art stage at Lovebox Festival 2011. More news to come!

Sh!t Theatre getting paid.

  • Sh!t Theatre will be performing ("headlining", actually, thanks to our inappropriate-for-daylight material) at Paradise Gardens in Victoria Park this Summer.
  • Don't forget 'Duckie' @ RVT in August!

See you on Wednesday and don't forget to keep Friday free for AiR Supply's 'Launch'!

Saturday 27 November 2010

our boiler is sh!t

This morning our estate agents sent us a letter containing the phone number of who we should call 'in case our boiler breaks on the weekend'. Then the boiler broke. Did they make it happen?  Did the receiving of that letter cause the boiler to break? Or did they just predict the future? Are they angels, or demons? Should we really arrest someone who maybe in the future will commit a crime? Is it really Tom Cruise's fault that thems the rules? Oh no, wait -  that's Minority Report.

The great unwashed are heading North! See you in Liverpool!

Friday 26 November 2010

Sh!t in Bed

Sh!T Theatre are off up North to be Sh!t in Bed tomorrow! Very exciting. Also, I hope you all caught Louise Mothersole's 'Musical Memoirs' at Arts Admin Scrits last night, a resounding success, I hear, even after her cat vomited all over our lounge.

Just 2 nights ago, we were discussing the charity Christian Aid: And how Christian Aid sounds a little bit like Christians with AIDS. Or Christians giving AIDS, to poor people. Anyway, was woken up with a call this morning from Carl (not Arl, oops) asking us to participate in the 'Musical Extravaganza For World AIDS Day' next Wednesday night at the Grosvenor in Stockwell.

Get your tickets! Lord only knows if we will have the grace and tact not to get up and do a Christian AIDS performance at an AIDS benefit gig.

Next week is getting super busy...we are curating/ performing at 'Launch', the second AiR Supply event on Friday 3rd at The Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green. We're quite nervous about following 'Test Launch', seeing as how it was a great and totally unexpected success, so if you are around, please come down and check out some awesome performances, films and installations, and enjoy the box wine at the bar.

Quick Sh!t Timetable for upcoming week:

Sunday 28th 11am-1.30pm: 'Bed-In' at The Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool. Watch us via video link from the website.

Wednesday 1st 7pm-11pm: 'World AIDS Day Extravaganza' at The Grosvenor, Stockwell, London. Proceeds to the N.A.T.

Friday 3rd 7.30pm-2am: AiR Supply 'Launch' at The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London. Last event, over 100 people in attendance and was most googled performance thing that night, don't miss it!

Monday 22 November 2010

Sh!t Theatre Videos/ It's Sh!t Up North

Look, we're on youtube:

More highlights from 'Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE' will be online this week and, as soon as we figure out why Apple Macintosh hate us, so will our performance from AiR Supply. Do any of our many followers know how to make the know...go on the blog? on the side bar? help..?

Good news! For those of you who won't make it to Liverpool this Sunday the 28th, you can watch us LIVE via the magic of webfeed thing from 11am onwards:

Unfortunately our 'It's Sh!t Up North' Tour has been reduced to just Merseyside. Don't cry Leeds, it's not your fault! Well, it is. Anyway, we will hopefully be Sh!t in Leeds in the new year, but for now, what is rare is valuable so Sh!t Theatre are like '00 Bordeaux. Put your names down on the waiting list! VIPs only.

Peace out x

Monday 15 November 2010


Dear Friends,

If anybody sees any photos of us from that 82 Great Eastern Street gig on Saturday: we didn't know about the Hitler thing. Capiche? We didn't know he was there.

Now we have that cleared up, here's a little treat for you -earlier this afternoon when planning 'Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE IN BED' for our upcoming tour of the North, Louise and I came across this. Look how awesome we sound! ..

We are looking to re-locate our political material from the traditional confines of the theatrical performance space, to the highly-charged, historically significant location of the bed-in.
We feel we want to take the step towards becoming actively political with our work and combining arts & activism, as opposed to merely discussing politics through our work.
Additionally, we feel the very aesthetic of the bed would lend itself to the surreal quality of our performance art.
This action is important to us politically and personally. As feminist performance artists, we feel the domestic space of the bed is one which can be used to question and subvert. The bed would also serve to highlight the feminist content of our performance and put the queer elements of our work in a domestic context - a context in which the LGBT community is rarely portrayed in the media.
Personally, we would also be delighted to take part in an anti-violence action in the manner of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, of whom we are fans.

..You're welcome.



P.S Here are some pics from our Sh!t Theatre Free School installation. Enjoy them as you bask in awesomeness of our bed-in spiel.

Sunday 7 November 2010

Guy Fawkes is sh!t

It's a sad time for all us Catholics, constantly reminded of our failure to end the English democratic process. Thankfully this week can only get better!  Open AiR Festival is starting, hurray, and with AiR Supply we will be hosting the after-party on Friday night (12th), where we will be plying artists with costco wine and also previewing our first AiR Supply promotional film.

Saturday night (13th), Sh!t Theatre will be live and totally uncensored at 'Sweet Delight and Endless Night' on Great Eastern Street after 9pm ( The Burqa King piece will feature an added new extra bit which we are very (possibly overly) excited about.'s a date for your 2011 diaries: Sh!t Theatre will be performing at Duckie on Saturday 20th August. August! Anything could happen between now and then!

Finally, sitting on the sofa next to me in our new home, Louise says she likes her satsumas like she likes her women. Dry and wrinkly.

Have a good Sunday!

Thursday 4 November 2010

Sh!T Theatre Free School

New material tonight @ Mutiny's 'Education on Trial'! We're on at 7.30pm mas o menos at ULU HQ, nearest tube stations for you strike followers are: Goodge Street/ Warren Street/ Russell Square/ Euston Square. Considering we haven't really written this yet, and it's 10.30am , it might be an interesting night. We're going for a new format so any friendly supporting faces would be v much appreciated.

In other news, scientists at John Hopkins University have found a way of deleting painful memories from mice.

For your diaries

  • AiR Supply are hosting the after-party for the Open AiR Festival at The People's Palace, Mile End next Friday 12th after Ron Athey performs. Booze, Snacks, Films, Business Cards and Dancing around.

  • Sh!t Theatre will also be performing on Saturday 13th. Details coming soon!