Monday 17 December 2012

More Muppets

It's back! Due to overwhelming public demand, this Wednesday 19th at 8pm, Sing-a-long-a-Muppets-Christmas Carol is back at Press Play House on Vyner Street E2. It's still free, and the goody bags will also be back and you can still BYOB! Come along and applaud when Michael Caine does some Acting! Have Christmas drink with us afterwards! Muppet Virgins welcome! Christmas!!
Closest tube/overground are Bethnal Green and Cambridge Heath Road. Here's an advert for  Sh!t Theatre present: Sing-a-long-a-Muppets-Christmas Carol featuring Reggie the Cat:

***NOTICE  - CHANGE OF VENUE this will now be happening on a smaller scale at our place SH!t HQ, let us know if you will be coming and we will get mulling ***

Friday 7 December 2012

Hello from the BAC!

Friday 7th December
Tonight see 2 x ten minutes of the play we've been working on for 12 months now with Tim Hopkins at Battersea Art Centre's Freshly Scratched! It's a whole night of new material from different companies, and the tickets are pay-what-you-can online: 
We've been working all week on how to make Rustler burgers talk, come check it out.
#BACScratch #TimOnABike

Saturday 8th December
We are playing at 'Party in The Blind Spot' and are putting together a special religion set in honour of Matt Thomas, as it is his party and he loves/hates religion. (Matt is writing a show called 'The Human Being's Guide to not being a Dick About Religion' which previewed the very first Sh!t Theatre present: Other People's Sh!t and will be at the Canal Cafe Theatre in the New Year, apocalypse-depending). 'Party in The Blind Spot' is a fundraiser for Matt's eyeball. It's a private party but friends are welcome on a  strict no-douchebags policy, so message us if you are around on Saturday night and want to help raise money for Matt!

Sunday 9th December
It's finally here, our career-defining moment, the gig of a lifetime: Sh!t Theatre and Press Play Films present: Sing-a-long-a-Muppet's Christmas Carol at Press Play House, Vyner Street, Bethnal Green. Doors open at 4pm , entry is free and it's BYOB. We will be leading the sing-a-long and there will be a pre-show talk, from us, about the Muppets. 

Old interview
Not sure I ever posted this, so here's our interview with the Space Theatre from November: