Saturday 24 May 2014

More Sh!t pitches from Chichester

Day Three 
In which Sh!t Theatre have a breakdown

Day Four
In which Sh!t Theatre have been drinking  away the pain

Day Five
In which Sh!t Theatre are in bed with Wetherspoons-related hangovers

Tuesday 20 May 2014

The University of Shitchester

We're at the University of Chichester, on our second residency and third re-write of Guinea Pigs on Trial.

We're here to make the show make sense. We know why all the stuff's there, we know, we understand. But do you? What's Wendy Craig got to do with it? Why the subplot about Richard Gere? Why all the moths? ART. This week we're trying to synthesise all our patterns and ideas into one proper shit. And to aid that, at the end of every day we're practising an elevator pitch for the show.

An elevator pitch is something our publicist Steve suggested we learn to do in order to sell out show at the Fringe. You have to be able to communicate what the show is about in 20-30 seconds. It's a bidnis term. You gotta sell it kid, sell it before the boss gets outta the elevator. GEDDIT?? Come back tomorrow.

We'll be posting daily pitches here or on our Sh!t Theatre Facebook, summing up what we think Guinea Pigs is about by the end of each day.

Sorry, Steve.