Monday 15 October 2012

We live in a sh!thole no longer

Been a busy month at Wedgewood HQ as we are moving out away from the mould and have been househunting. It's hard to find an affordable 4 bedroom family home in the East End these days, especially when the family consists of at least 2 'children' on benefits and there's a secret extra 5th child who shits in a box in the hall. We've found a new place though and we're moving to Bow at the end of the month, having signed our lives away to the landlord and estate agent. It's incredible the amount of power property owners hold over people who need somewhere to live but who can't afford to buy. If I wasn't so busy worrying about packing and hiding the holes in the walls I would defo be up for a revolution, or at least would buy lottery tickets more often, as right now that's the only feasible way I can imagine ever owning property. ( In which case I would also defo be up for crossing over to the dark side and renting out the shit hole flat I'd buy with my lottery winnings to some desperate renters.)

We've also been very busy with Sh!t since our residency in Brighton. This week we had 6 gigs including 2 improv, my performance at Spots, Tricity Vogue's Ukulele Cabaret, Emergency 2012 in Manchester and our 3am "headline" slot at the Midnight Masquerade Ball at the Space. We've also been working on our Burger Van play with Tim, and eating and other stuff. We've got a few more gigs coming up in the rest of October....
-Wednesday 17th - Tricity Vogue's Ukulele Cabaret at Lost Theatre, Stockwell, London (message us for free tickets!)

-Thurs 25th - Commie Faggots Present.. at The Stags Head, Hoxton, London

- Saturday 27th - Under Construction at the Basement, Brighton

Sh!t Theatre's run at the Space, Isle of Dogs. A week of full-length sh!t!

Sh!T Theatre present: Other People's Funky SH!t - our comedy/performance night at Press Play House returns!

Sh!t Theatre at the Gulbenkian in Kent - Lou returns to her semi-homeland of Kent to show them what she's made of herself

Loads of Improv!