Friday 13 December 2013

Sh!t New Show

Just announced - our new show in development will preview at The Yard in Hackney Wick as part of N.O.W 14 25th Feb-1st March. Info and tickets here:

Following the Prince Charles Cinema's shocking theft of our 'sing-along-a-Muppets Christmas Carol' extravaganza of 2012, we will only be doing ONE, ABRIDGED extravaganza this Sunday for the AiR Supply Xmas Party. Still includes legendary goody bags. There'll also be turns from wonderful Figs In Wigs and Foxy & Husk. It's a semi-private event, but contact Karl Taylor if you want to get in on it, plenty of room for AiR Supply groupies

Thursday 28 November 2013

3/4 of Burger Van on the radio

That's a link to Tim, Lewis and I on BBC Radio Surrey talking to Alan Partridge about Burger Van. A new #FanFriend has conveniently put it on Youtube for us. Actually, we haven't met him so technically that's just a Fan, but I'm optimistic.


Ok, we've had loads of people view the blog from Russia this morning. Obviously our fame has spread. Good Morning Russia! Enjoy your breakfast vodka!

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Sh!t Royals

Hello from London N4. We have finally moved into our new flat in “lovely” Manor House and it is “great”! Someone with a sense of humour has named all of the council blocks around here after Royal palaces; Buckingham, Holyrood. We are in Windsor, and we would like to point out to you, the Great British Public, that if you would contribute a small portion of your taxes to the upkeep of our and any offspring we may have’s lifestyles, the impact on tourism in the Finsbury Park area would quickly offset that tiny expense. Do it for North London, UK citizens, not for us! We would be much cheaper and marginally less racist than the current Windsors. Think about it.

So now we have moved into a place more suited to our current economic status, we can get on with Sh!t business.


We are very excited to be heading to Whitstable for a residency with artist community The Expansionists. This is to work on our new show about pharmaceutical trials, which previews in February. At the moment we are not allowed to say where it previews. And that, for once, is not because we haven’t organised it yet.

7th & 8thJob Seekers Anonymous 2014 - Chelsea Hosts at the Chelsea Theatre. BSL interpreted. We are properly honoured/a bit terrified to be part of Chelsea Hosts with the first post-Edinburgh performances of JSA. So please come. Remember those awards? Don’t make me mention all those awards again.
24th-29th – NEW SHOW PREVIEWS venue t.b.c

6thPink Fringe, Brighton
13thThe Point, Eastleigh

3rd The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich
The Arches, Glasgow (dates t.b.c)

We are getting our heads down writing our next ACE application for the new show. We’re very lucky to be back on the first stages of Escalator East to Edinburgh for next year, so this is a time for mulling wine and weeping over Excel spreadsheets, as well as selling our bodies to medical science for new-show-research-purposes.

-         -  Improvised Sh!t Theatre two-prov (as seen at Upshot at Ed Fringe) is back at Upshot Comedy alongside Showstoppers Improvised Musical, 8pm at the Priory Arms, Stockwell on Monday 9th December. There will be more Alphabetties coming up in the new year!

-          -We will be appearing in Stamp Collective’s interactive extravaganza performance at City Hall on Thursday 10th December.

-           - Big up to Farnham Maltings who have given us one of their No Strings Attached grants so we can build a set and some massive meat puppets.

-        -  Big up to Rich Mix, we’re performing Burger Van as part of Small Story/ Big City Festival in October 2014

-          -Big up to the Beeb, Tim and I will be on BBC Radio Surrey tomorrow morning at 8.45am chatting about Burger Van.

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Calm Down Sh!ts!

I feel like we've been here before, and seeing as this blog has been going for three years we probably have, but - Sh!t Theatre are going to be homeless! Again! #FanFriends, if you have a floor or sofa on which we can sleep between 25th October and 24th November and upon which you will not murder us, please get in touch.

Updates - 
see our website for a few new dates for 2014. 2014!?!?! fuck. 2014. In 2014 we're going places. Not metaphorically, just literally. See here for more details:

Burger Van is BACK, we are at the Pleasance rehearsing in Oct & Nov. Please follow @burgervanplay on Twitter for news on performances and to make us look important.

Our all-female long-form improv team is now on Facebook and Twitter @TheAlphabetties. Free shows in October and November in Stockwell and Camden! 

We are back at lovely The Others on December 12th with Sh!t Theatre faves The Commie Faggots. And a big Do Not Miss for Autumn 2013 - Camden People's Theatre's 
Calm Down Dear! Festival of Feminism runs from end of October-beginning of November, and we are playing at the 'Calm Down Dear! Cabaret' on 2nd November with Rachel Mars, Sabrina Mahfouz and more.


Monday 2 September 2013

multi award-winners Sh!t Theatre ---->

Edinburgh Fringe 2013

'Sh!t Theatre's Job Seekers Anonymous is a vaudevillian hotch-potch; a mad, passionate and likeable catastrophe' Daniel Yates, Exeunt Magazine

Hello, we are the multi award-winning Sh!t Theatre, thank you for reading our blog. We've just got back from the Edinburgh Fringe, where we won multiple awards, for our multi award-winning show JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) 2013. We've had to make an important decision, as multi award-winners, to drop the megalomania that we find so funny and use this post-Edinburgh period as a practice in humility. We'll give it a couple of months, and if our audiences/income/critical acclaim don't pick up, we'll go back to the megalomania.
On that note, here's a picture of loads of awards we won:

and some tampons.

On a serious note, we were multi-award-winningly-surprised and honoured to even be nominated for something, so to have won the Total Theatre Award for 'emerging company' as well as an Arches Brick Award was just amazing. We're still in shock. Thank you, everyone who sent us messages and congratulations, it means so much, and thank you obviously to Total Theatre, Farnham Maltings & the lovely Arches in Glasgow, who we will be seeing again in the Spring as part of the award! Congratulations also to the brilliant Scottee for his Total Theatre Award for innovation, and Bryony Kimmings (big up the Escalator East!) for her many awards, including the other Arches Brick. 

As usual, the Fringe was wonderful for reasons we could not have anticipated. Especially this year because of all the fun and support from Escalator East to Edinburgh, Ellie, the O'Sheas & the Edinburgh Must See guys.

Something I Liked:
Barry from Watford, the Pleasance Courtyard
Something Lou Liked:
Tubular Bells for Two, Underbelly
Something Jen Liked:
Scottee and Sh!t Theatre, because she was working too hard to see anything else
Something We All Loved:
2/3 Below, Gryphon Venues @ The Point Hotel. There was a live goat in it but seriously, you didn't even need the goat, it was that good.


We've been on the road two months. Sleep now. Stay tuned. Big News a-coming.

P.S 'Multi Award-winning Sh!t Theatre' <- that's the last time. 

Saturday 20 July 2013

Sh!t Saturday Show in NYC

Hello from New York City! Our show Job Seekers Anonymous 2013 is tonight at 7.30pm,  Dixon Place on Chrystie St between Rivington & Delancey. Join us. We shall be drinking afterwards:

FB event:

Monday 17 June 2013

Sh!t Summer half-price tickets

Thanks to everyone who came to see Burger Van by The Sh!t Church Hopkins Continuum (name t.b.c - 'SS Disco' is still in the running.) All of our scratches sold out in the end, and we were really happy with how it had developed since SPRINT Festival in March. More Burger Van coming up in the Autumn after....

London, New York, Edinburgh, Goole.

Not Goole. Never again Goole.

Sh!t Summer starts this Saturday 22nd June with Job Seekers Anonymous 2013
at Rich Mix's Snapshots Festival. Would be great to see some unwaged/underwaged brothas there, so quote BENEFIT SCROUNGER on the phone or on the door for half-price tickets!

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Sell out SH!t

Hello from our residency at the BAC. Burger Van has sold out this Friday 7th! You can still get tickets for Saturday 8th here:


Louise and I are quitting Sh!t Theatre and becoming professional dancers. Here we are as Tricity Vogue's backing dancers at Timeout's Alternative Eurovision as proof of how good an idea that is:

Thursday 23 May 2013

Sh!t in NYC Mark II

Greetings world, many apologies for absence recently, we have been very busy. We have been up to this stuff:

  • Had a lovely time at May 2013 SAMPLED Festival at the Cambridge Junction where we were playing Good Cop Sh!t Cop as part of a new one-to-one performed pitch for our next show, which will be called Strip Search. In Strip Search you might get to see more of Louise's pants, we don't know because we have't written it yet. You can start an online petition for Seeing More Of Louise In Her Pants here: That will take it straight to the government who will deal with the matter appropriately.

  • We were also busy following our true calling as professional dancers. We were asked to do some background humping for the wonderful Tricity Vogue and her entry into the Alternative Eurovision at the London Wonderground. That was lots of fun, and has led to what surely has been inevitable all along, Sh!t Theatre 'starring' (our own words) in a Drag Musical. More info below.

  • We brought our updated version of Job Seekers Anonymous 2013 to the Gate Theatre as part of Dickie Beau's Forest Fringe residency, we had a great time, big thanks to Andy and Dickie for having us!

  • Had a two day workshop at the RVT with superwoman Moira Finucane who worked with us and other Duckie artists on solo projects  - you can see Louise's new piece In Dreams this Friday (24th May) at 'Last Fridays', a new monthly Live Art event at the Visual Collective, curated by Helen Simmons and Lewis Church. Details here:

We are going to be equally busy this month, with the following events and happenings:

  • Following our mega success as backing dancers for Tricity Vogue, Louise and I have been asked to do some Acting and Dancing and Singing in Tricity's new drag action musical Heels of Glory, which previews on 5th July at the Albany Theatre in Deptford. Our years of training at Mile End College of Performing Tricks are finally paying off. Next stop Les Mis.

  • Sh!t Theatre are going BACK TO NEW YORK CITY in July with a US special of Job Seekers Anonymous for Dixon Place's HOT! Festival! New Yorkers can see the show on 20th July, and we are bringing our wonderful technical manager Jen Smethurst with us for the ride.

  • Ed Fringe. 2nd -24th. We've even got a publicist this year. Stay continuously tuned. #BigTime

  • We are performing with our all-female longform improv team The Alphabetties this Sunday (26th May) at the Wilmington Arms, Farringdon and next Thursday (30th May) at the Priory Arms, Stockwell.

We've scheduled in a nap for September.

Friday 19 April 2013

Fringes x 3

Dear Fan Friends,

What is a Fan Friend? Am I a Fan Friend? What happens when one Fan Friend meets another Fan Friend? Fan Friend - why not Friend Fan? These questions, and more, will be answered next week at the Forest Fringe, an alliterative point I have only just noticed and am now gearing up to exploit:

Fan Friends! Come to the Forest Fringe for fun times next Monday the 29th April at 7.30pm! See our brand new version of Job Seekers Anonymous 2013 in it's full 60 minute glory as part of Dickie Beau's residency at the Gate Theatre:

We are currently back at The Visual Collective studio re-writing and devising once more, and we're very excited about new JSA being part of Dickie's Forest week. Here's a really small version of the poster:

If you squint at that hard enough you'll see that we are first on (known in the biz as 'Headlining') in a week of excellent artists. We highly recommend making use of the 2 shows for 20 quid deal.
Fan Friends - it's the fucking Forest Fringe!

Other things about Fringes
  1. Louise won't let me have one (See appendix 3.a)
  2. Edinburgh (See appendix 3.b)


3.b Sh!t Theatre have confirmed our run at Edinburgh Fringe 2013 as supported by Escalator East to Edinburgh. We will be at Gryphon Venues on the Grassmarket from 2nd-25th plus or minus a few days for sleeping, The show will be at the civilised hour of 1.30pm. More info coming soon!

Friday 15 March 2013

Sh!t at Festivals

in collaboration with Tim Hopkins and Lewis Church for our new project Burger Van at:

  • Brave New World Festival, Battersea Arts Centre, London, 21st and 22nd March (performance intervention)
  • SPRINT Festival, Camden People's Theatre, London, 23rd March (work-in-progress)
  • Cook-Up Season, Battersea Arts Centre, London, 31st May and 7-8th June (scratch)

with a new bit of Sh!t Theatre at:

  • SAMPLED Festival, The Junction, Cambridge, 4th & 5th May (one-to-one performance)

with special London version of Job Seekers Anonymous at:

  • Snapshots Festival, Rich Mix, London, 22nd June (PARENTHESES!)

Tuesday 26 February 2013

ACE-funded Sh!t

People of Sh!t Britain, we would like to thank anyone who has ever bought a lottery ticket and we would like to thank Uncle David and the Tories for yet again funding some Sh!t Theatre and we would like to thank our mums, and Reggie, and the crippling fear of our own potential... *weeps into award*

Hurray! We got more Arts Council funding! This means we will definitely be part of Escalator East to Edinburgh 2013, and we will be able to afford a place to sleep and actual flyers and food, which will be smashing. We're taking the re-write of Job Seekers Anonymous to the Fringe this year, and as part of the Escalator programme,will be producing audio description for the show and confirming a venue that is wheelchair accessible. And then we will be taking over the world.


- See some silly new material at Duckie this Saturday 2nd March @ the RVT. Also on the bill are Erin Hill & her psychedelic harp and Martin O'Brien and Sheree Rose. Our set features Shaggy and Pope Benedict XVI.

- See some silly old material at Luke & Michael's Chemistry Set this Sunday 3rd March @ the Wilmington Arms. Also on the bill are Luke & Michael doing some improv, probably about bears or swords, and Adam Oliver.

Friday 15 February 2013

Sh!t Burger!

Exciting Meaty Announcements

See Burger Van, a brand new collaboration between Sh!t Theatre and Tim Hopkins #TimOnABike #Copyright
at Camden People's Theatre this March as part of Sprint Festival 2013 (first exciting announcement). We will be showing the very first work-in-progress version of our play extravaganza at CPT before our residency at Battersea Arts Centre (second exciting announcement) in May/June as part of their Summer Cook Up season.

The play contains no jokes about horse meat. That may be because horse jokes are too easy, or because we haven't written the play yet. You can make your own assumptions as to which of those statements is true.

For fans of Sh!t Collaborations, you can see us and Phil O'Shea a.k.a Sh!t O'Shea doing a new little bit at Laugh Out London this Monday 18th at the Camden Head!

Thursday 31 January 2013

Not such a sh!t review

Here's a link to a nice review Everything Theatre wrote about our first Camden show last week at the Etcetera before it moved to CPT:

We were not very happy with our performance that night, so it's good to know that the show still came across well. Note their excellent use of 'Booise' and the fact they refer to us as 'masters at setting a pace'. Nice to be called a Master of anything. Master of Bread. Master of Time. Master...of Death! Here's a note, I broke my wrist last week so I'm writing this on 60mg of codeine. Master...of Death!


February we will be working very hard on Burger Van, the play we are writing/devising with Tim Hopkins. We have secret exciting stuff to announce about that soon. Lou and I will also both be working at Peopling The Palace, the very last live art festival to be held at the People's Palace in Mile End before it goes corporate. Here's the promo image, see if you can tell what angle they've gone with RE the corporate pigs, man:

Come East and support art and people from the 17th Feb:

March - classic Sh!t Theatre back at Duckie @ the RVT on March 2nd and Tricity Vogue's Ukulele Cabaret on March 12th

April - we're trying out something new at First Thursday at the new Visual Collective studios (previously Press Play House) on Vyner Street. The first ever large-scale Sh!t Theatre installation will be taking over the space for the evening of Thurs 4th April, on the same theme as our Job Seekers Anonymous project

We're still at it people! Most Sundays at the Wilmington Arms, Farringdon, and see The New Happy Squad at Upshot Improv, Stockwell most Thursdays this February!

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Help Sh!t Theatre- feedback for our JSA

HELP for Shit Theatre: those of you who have already seen 'Job Seekers Anonymous' - could you leave a few lines in the comment section below about what the show made you think of in terms of the unemployment situation in the UK? Did you learn anything, or did it make you think about anything in particular, or did it change your view of unemployed people? Or, if you are unemployed, what did it make you think of? Did it fill you with despair? (despair is our main aim). (That's not true) This is for an application so any help much appreciated.
Alternatively you can email us your feedback, or leave a comment on our Sh!t Chat here:

Monday 7 January 2013

2012 was Sh!t!

Happy New Year everyone! We're all very glad 2012 is over and that we're striding into 2013 poorer and unemployeder than ever before. I'm 25 next week and my arms have started clicking. I don't know what that means.

All very exciting, it's our mini Camden Run.
For your viewing pleasure, we are performing the brand new version of Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre's JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) 2013 at:

  • Etcetera Theatre, Camden at 7.30pm on Monday 14th January as part of their Pay Nothing, Play Anything Festival 
According to London's Calling. :  Pay Nothing Play Anything festival runs from January 8th to 27th, and features a host of acts from all walks of performance art. It received 104 applicants, from which only 12 were chosen to deliver. Most of the acts have been handed three nights each, with profits being split between the theatre and those on stage. 
“Yes, I think it’s quite a nice idea,” says Charlotte, one of two of Etcetera’s leadership

To be honest, we have never paid to play anywhere, and never would, and their idea of a 'profit split' is pretty painful reading compared to other places we've played at . Still, we're very happy to be one of the 12, and it's a great little theatre right on Camden High Street, so hope to see some of you there!

  • Camden People's Theatre at 9pm on Tues & Weds 15th & 16th January as part of their Beyond The Joke Festival 
We love CPT and are excited to be part of this festival which is a mix of stand ups doing theatre, theatre about stand up, and other stuff around that. Headlining is Rachel Mars (Louise is also the lighting designer for Rachel's show) and we are on a double-bill with John Luke Roberts who is also excellent. You can get a double-bill ticket for both shows for £15 (£10 conc), or just a ticket for us for £10 (£8 conc) which is cheaper than going to the cinema (Interesting fact).

We're still at the Wilmington Arms most Sundays as part of London's only weekly long-form impro night! We are currently playing with two teams, Pilots and the New Happy Sqaud, as well as our Country & Western Trimprov with Matt Thomas, so come on down cowboys. And Indians.(not racist)