Thursday, 8 August 2013

Big In Latvia

Had 117 views of this blog from Latvia today. HELLO LATVIA!

Failure is Cool

International Tour Part III - London, New York, Edinburgh.

It's our fourth year back at the Fringe. Our run of JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) 2013 started last week at Gryphon Venues and we're exactly where we belong - in the Pubic Triangle. For nuns and the uninitiated, the Pubic Triangle is an area of Edinburgh with strip clubs on every corner. Our top picks include the Western, Bottoms Up (bottoms everywhere) and Burke & Hare, which we presume is a Victorian-body-snatcher themed lady bar. 

We're currently on our days off - our space at Gryphon is being used by a 40 piece Alaskan choir who saved up $140,000 to come over here for 4 days and do a musical about Christmas. We went to see it and it's heartwarming. Our run starts again on Saturday 10th at 1.30pm. Here's a tiny poster:

Things we like in Edinburgh so far:

Philip O'Shea at the Beehive, 3.30pm
Gareth Morinan at Banshee Labyrinth, 6.40pm
Hunt & Darton Café, all the time, everyday
Scottee at the Assembly George Square, 8.40pm
Mary's Milk Bar (not a euphemism)

If our show is one of the things you've liked in Edinburgh so far, we would really appreciate you tweeting or FBing or mouth talking about it. We are, as usual, very bad at flyering. Our International Tour Manager Jen Smethurst is having marginally better luck than us at getting people to take flyers, though that may be because she says 'hand job?' 'hand job?' 'hand job?' whilst handing them out.