Monday 26 March 2012

Sh!t Springtime

Wow, isn't the weather just.

Now we've got the small talk out of the way, here's what's going on in shitville:

Sh!t Theatre have had a busy week workin' on Lois Weaver's Inaugural performance/lecture and a lecture by Peggy Phelan (of 'incomprehensible reference in our 2nd year essays' fame). Lou was on sound & lighting and I was on booze, as is correct and necessary. Lou also molested people with Stacy Makishi as part of Cruising for Art at the BFI.
This week we were also down at that dodgy bar with the tiger stripes on Whitechapel Road (you know the one) for our second training session with the rest of long-form improv team 'Prohibition Duck', a name which is subject to change. The team includes at least 2 lesbians, a jew and 2 different kinds of asian; so at the moment the other name options we are working with are 'Rainbow Dykes (feat. Jews)', 'Wrong Asian (feat. Jews)' and 'Feat. Jews'. Opinions please. Our first team show is this Sunday 1st April at the Wilmington Arms!

Sh!t Theatre will also be at The Others for their April Fools Party on Saturday 31st March, and at the Basement's Supper Club in Brighton on the following Saturday 7th April.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Sh!t News!

We got our terrifying envelope from the Arts Council today...and, great news, we got funding! We are Government funded artists! David Cameron's no.1 favourite performance art/ political satire/ cabaret crossover! This means we can soon start work on Sh!t Theatre's JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous), more info coming soon!


Sunday 11 March 2012

Making Sh!t Up On The Spot

It's almost Spring, hurray! Louise is back from performing and production assisting on Bobby Baker's tour of Mad Gyms & Kitchens, hurray! And Sh!t Theatre are back in the long-form game starting next week with brand new Wilmops house team Prohibition Duck! ('like' here: on Facebook) Hurray! Our first live show is on Sunday 1st April at the Wilmington in Farringdon, and we'll be on every other week from then.

Our first, last and only long-form show up to this point was Streets of Rage led by the mighty Chris Chuang of Brooklyn NYC back when Booise were both 18. 18? 18??! Fuck. We're so old. Anyway we're so old and existence is futile, I woke up the other morning with these new wrinkles near my mouth, they're kind of gone now but they'll be back.

That's actually not what I meant to say. Anyway, we're pretty scared about this whole improv thing. People expect you to be funny unlike with performance art where you can fuck up as much as you want and at least half the audience will assume it's an 'exploration of failure'.

So, if you want to see Sh!t made up on stage on purpose and not because we forgot to finish the script, we're at:

  • The Wilmington Arms, Farringdon - Sunday 1st April (then every other week after that)

If you want to see Sh!t made up on stage because we forgot to finish the script/ haven't been able to write  since Goole (remember Goole?:
we're next at:

  • Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Rich Mix, Bethnal Green, London - Saturday 17th March
  • April Fools Party, The Others, Stoke Newington, London - Saturday 31st March
  • Supper Club, The Basement, Brighton - Saturday 7th April

We're also hoping to be at Lampoon Apathy's ROFL Against Racism feat. Josie Long on Monday 19th March, but more news coming on that as soon as we've sorted out some date clashes. Those date clashes being: you can see me at Shortcuts @ Sprint Festival, Camden People's Theatre on 19th & 20th March and doing something new at Poetical Cabaret, White Lion Streatham on 24th March.

For old time's sake, here's Streets of Rage!
Streets of Rage long-form improv 2006

so young!

P.S R:E Prohibition Duck: We preferred the name 'Cunt Dusters', but Gareth wasn't into it.