Monday 2 September 2013

multi award-winners Sh!t Theatre ---->

Edinburgh Fringe 2013

'Sh!t Theatre's Job Seekers Anonymous is a vaudevillian hotch-potch; a mad, passionate and likeable catastrophe' Daniel Yates, Exeunt Magazine

Hello, we are the multi award-winning Sh!t Theatre, thank you for reading our blog. We've just got back from the Edinburgh Fringe, where we won multiple awards, for our multi award-winning show JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) 2013. We've had to make an important decision, as multi award-winners, to drop the megalomania that we find so funny and use this post-Edinburgh period as a practice in humility. We'll give it a couple of months, and if our audiences/income/critical acclaim don't pick up, we'll go back to the megalomania.
On that note, here's a picture of loads of awards we won:

and some tampons.

On a serious note, we were multi-award-winningly-surprised and honoured to even be nominated for something, so to have won the Total Theatre Award for 'emerging company' as well as an Arches Brick Award was just amazing. We're still in shock. Thank you, everyone who sent us messages and congratulations, it means so much, and thank you obviously to Total Theatre, Farnham Maltings & the lovely Arches in Glasgow, who we will be seeing again in the Spring as part of the award! Congratulations also to the brilliant Scottee for his Total Theatre Award for innovation, and Bryony Kimmings (big up the Escalator East!) for her many awards, including the other Arches Brick. 

As usual, the Fringe was wonderful for reasons we could not have anticipated. Especially this year because of all the fun and support from Escalator East to Edinburgh, Ellie, the O'Sheas & the Edinburgh Must See guys.

Something I Liked:
Barry from Watford, the Pleasance Courtyard
Something Lou Liked:
Tubular Bells for Two, Underbelly
Something Jen Liked:
Scottee and Sh!t Theatre, because she was working too hard to see anything else
Something We All Loved:
2/3 Below, Gryphon Venues @ The Point Hotel. There was a live goat in it but seriously, you didn't even need the goat, it was that good.


We've been on the road two months. Sleep now. Stay tuned. Big News a-coming.

P.S 'Multi Award-winning Sh!t Theatre' <- that's the last time.