Monday 23 April 2012


Gigs this week:
Sunday 22nd - Country & Western Trimprov with Matt, Louise and Becca, The Wilmington, Farringdon.

Tuesday 24th - long-form improv with Problem Child at 7 Dials Club, Covent Garden.

Friday 27th - Phil Zimmerman's No.5 Club, downstairs at the Drayton, Ealing.

Sunday 29th - long-form improv with Problem Child at The Wilmington Arms, Farringdon.

 - I'm doing A Bearded Guide To Modern Seduction on Thursday 26th at Trangallan in Dalston and What I Know About Wine So Far at Stoke Newington International Airport on Saturday 28th.

 - Louise starts her run as Amy Lame's technical manager for Unhappy Birthday at the Camden People's Theatre with rehearsals this week.

 - Press Play Films finally get the keys to their studio today, and Sh!t Theatre + other members of AiR Supply will be there helping them to move in and to drink their celebratory champagne. Press Play House will be our workbase for Sh!t Theatre's JSA, so come up to Vyner Street and say hello, 'cos them Press Play kids are gonna hit the big time soon and then you'll all be sorry you never went through their bins when we offered you the chance.

 - We're meeting with Phil O'Shea on Tuesday morning after a successful mammoth-building business meeting on Sunday. The papier mache round the bananas is almost dry, and we're ready to start learning harmonies for our Sh!t O'Shea debut.

 - Training with Problem Child continues on Saturday afternoon led by gentlemen of the night Gareth Morinan and Simon Fazey

 - The font changed back to normal on our blog.


Sunday 15 April 2012

Horses and Mammoths

I just won £4 on the Grand National! Go Sea Bass! I'm a millionaire! Anyway, this week with Sh!t Theatre:
  • We previewed 15 mins of Sh!t Theatre's JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) at Supper Club at the Basement, Brighton. All went a lot smoother than expected and we had a great time, and met a lot of other great artists so Supper Club joins Sh!t Theatre's (brand new) Recommended Nights Out On The South Coast list. Hope we'll be back in the future.
  • Problem Child - not quite over the terror yet, but Sh!t Theatre are nonetheless live every Tuesday at 7 on Red Comedy at the Seven Dials Club in Covent Garden and every other Sunday at the Wilmington Arms. This week (today) (Sunday) (the 15th) at the Wilmington also features house team the Family Business and David Shore's Monkey Toast, and the 7 on Red line-up includes Tony Law and Diane Spencer.
  • Also this week, Sh!t Theatre are live with new shit at Lolitics at the Black Heart on Wednesday 18th April. Warming up the crowd for us will be Josie Long,  Tiernan Douieb, Sarah Bennetto, Ben Partridge and Adam Larter.
  • Thursday 19th April we're back at Laugh Out London, this time at the Camden Head.
  • Sunday 22nd April Sh!t Theatre will be experimenting with some trimprov (three-way improv) live at the Wilmington with comedian and writer Matt Thomas. 
  • Also going on this week, we're workshopping with Sophie Allen, our BSL interpreter extraordinaire, and doing business type things with Phil O'Shea. Business things related to woolly mammoths and potentially a Sh!t O'Shea preview night next week. Stay tuned kids.
  • The font changed on our blog. Just trying to keep you on your toes.

Sunday 1 April 2012

Sh!t scared

Long-form Improv 

We have a name for our new Wilmops house team! Problem Child (previously known as Prohibition Duck) are debuting tonight, on an awesome line-up featuring The Family Business and headlined by Monkey Toast, the improvised talk show. Which is way funnier than it sounds. Because, like, surely most talk-shows are kinda improvised anyway, right? Like, by nature, all talk-shows are 'improvised talk-shows'. Does Parkinson read this blog? Am I right Parky? How about fictional tv star Larry Sanders? Am I right, Larry? Anyway, Monkey Toast is great. £4 on the door.

The Others
We would like to apologise to The Others, Stoke Newington, for our failure to turn up for our scheduled performance last night. We have Arts Council funding now so some gigs are just not worth our while. We hear Slick Theatre, the so-called 'UK No.1 Sh!t Theatre Tribute Band' made an appearance in our place, but we would like to state that we are in no way affiliated with Slick Theatre, do not endorse them, and in fact have not seen any actual proof of their existence.
Apologies again to Simon from The Others. Heard it was a smashing night.