Friday 19 April 2013

Fringes x 3

Dear Fan Friends,

What is a Fan Friend? Am I a Fan Friend? What happens when one Fan Friend meets another Fan Friend? Fan Friend - why not Friend Fan? These questions, and more, will be answered next week at the Forest Fringe, an alliterative point I have only just noticed and am now gearing up to exploit:

Fan Friends! Come to the Forest Fringe for fun times next Monday the 29th April at 7.30pm! See our brand new version of Job Seekers Anonymous 2013 in it's full 60 minute glory as part of Dickie Beau's residency at the Gate Theatre:

We are currently back at The Visual Collective studio re-writing and devising once more, and we're very excited about new JSA being part of Dickie's Forest week. Here's a really small version of the poster:

If you squint at that hard enough you'll see that we are first on (known in the biz as 'Headlining') in a week of excellent artists. We highly recommend making use of the 2 shows for 20 quid deal.
Fan Friends - it's the fucking Forest Fringe!

Other things about Fringes
  1. Louise won't let me have one (See appendix 3.a)
  2. Edinburgh (See appendix 3.b)


3.b Sh!t Theatre have confirmed our run at Edinburgh Fringe 2013 as supported by Escalator East to Edinburgh. We will be at Gryphon Venues on the Grassmarket from 2nd-25th plus or minus a few days for sleeping, The show will be at the civilised hour of 1.30pm. More info coming soon!