Thursday 28 November 2013

3/4 of Burger Van on the radio

That's a link to Tim, Lewis and I on BBC Radio Surrey talking to Alan Partridge about Burger Van. A new #FanFriend has conveniently put it on Youtube for us. Actually, we haven't met him so technically that's just a Fan, but I'm optimistic.


Ok, we've had loads of people view the blog from Russia this morning. Obviously our fame has spread. Good Morning Russia! Enjoy your breakfast vodka!

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Sh!t Royals

Hello from London N4. We have finally moved into our new flat in “lovely” Manor House and it is “great”! Someone with a sense of humour has named all of the council blocks around here after Royal palaces; Buckingham, Holyrood. We are in Windsor, and we would like to point out to you, the Great British Public, that if you would contribute a small portion of your taxes to the upkeep of our and any offspring we may have’s lifestyles, the impact on tourism in the Finsbury Park area would quickly offset that tiny expense. Do it for North London, UK citizens, not for us! We would be much cheaper and marginally less racist than the current Windsors. Think about it.

So now we have moved into a place more suited to our current economic status, we can get on with Sh!t business.


We are very excited to be heading to Whitstable for a residency with artist community The Expansionists. This is to work on our new show about pharmaceutical trials, which previews in February. At the moment we are not allowed to say where it previews. And that, for once, is not because we haven’t organised it yet.

7th & 8thJob Seekers Anonymous 2014 - Chelsea Hosts at the Chelsea Theatre. BSL interpreted. We are properly honoured/a bit terrified to be part of Chelsea Hosts with the first post-Edinburgh performances of JSA. So please come. Remember those awards? Don’t make me mention all those awards again.
24th-29th – NEW SHOW PREVIEWS venue t.b.c

6thPink Fringe, Brighton
13thThe Point, Eastleigh

3rd The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich
The Arches, Glasgow (dates t.b.c)

We are getting our heads down writing our next ACE application for the new show. We’re very lucky to be back on the first stages of Escalator East to Edinburgh for next year, so this is a time for mulling wine and weeping over Excel spreadsheets, as well as selling our bodies to medical science for new-show-research-purposes.

-         -  Improvised Sh!t Theatre two-prov (as seen at Upshot at Ed Fringe) is back at Upshot Comedy alongside Showstoppers Improvised Musical, 8pm at the Priory Arms, Stockwell on Monday 9th December. There will be more Alphabetties coming up in the new year!

-          -We will be appearing in Stamp Collective’s interactive extravaganza performance at City Hall on Thursday 10th December.

-           - Big up to Farnham Maltings who have given us one of their No Strings Attached grants so we can build a set and some massive meat puppets.

-        -  Big up to Rich Mix, we’re performing Burger Van as part of Small Story/ Big City Festival in October 2014

-          -Big up to the Beeb, Tim and I will be on BBC Radio Surrey tomorrow morning at 8.45am chatting about Burger Van.