Monday, 30 August 2010

Sh!t Theatre Edinburgh run-down

Sh!t Theatre were at The Laughing Horse Free Fringe at Edinburgh Festival 2010.

We paid nothing for the venue, charged nothing for the tickets, and slept 5 1/2 lesbians & a German to one bedroom, and had a great time.

In true shit style our posters and flyers didn't turn up. Next time we are not ordering them in from East Germany. Turns out, East Germany doesn't even really exist anymore. These days you just call it: 'Germany'. However, being screwed over by Germans comes naturally to resourceful English women and thanks to the wankers at Print 24  we accidentally created our own gimmick...our hand-drawn 'a Sh!t poster presents: Sh!t Theatre' posters, which were, to our constant amazement, well received.

Free Fringe Gems to check out:
Japanese Gypsy Funk, amazing people and incredible musicians
Amoeba to Zebra. Supposed to be for children but we haven't taken the album off since they left.
Reproduction! Yay! Die! Booooo!

The Two Shows We Actually Paid For:
Daniel Kitson at The Traverse Theatre (This was at 10am. Did the arrogant cunt really think we would get up that early and traipse across the city? Well yeah, we did. And it was wonderful. Though, we all agreed,  no 66a Church Road)

Josie Longs' Be Honourable 

We actually performed alongside Josie Long at The Resistance Gallery in July, and when we went to her fringe show we were greeted by her at the door..'Becca!'..'Louise!'...Probably not because we were wearing those t-shirts with our names written on them. Probably because she recognised us from when we were hiding upstairs in Bethnal Green trying to cover the fact we snuck our own beer in.

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