Friday, 4 March 2011


Apologies to our many fans and followers for the lack of posts recently. We are awaiting some documentation bits from Shunt so expect some awesome pics and vids soon. Maybe.
Hey, you're a trendy lot, right? Well as you well know, Lou and I are big into our fashion and clothes. The other day at the pub I was wearing this old jumper my dad didn't want and looked over to notice that Louise was wearing an old shirt... That my dad didn't want. That's just one example. Anyway we will be providing entertainment this Saturday at the UCL Modo Fashion Show (near Euston/ Warren Street for those tubing it). Tickets £8.00
We will be exploring such topics as:
 - A Linda McCartney Vegetarian version of Lady Gaga's meat dress
 - Primark's new ethical campaign: Sponser the baby who made your shirt!
 - Sucking cock.

More SH!T coming soon! x

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