Monday, 25 July 2011

Two days to go 'til NYC

-Sh!t Theatre head for Newark International in New Jersey like Tony Soprano, like TONY SOPRANO we are going to meet Tony Soprano, in 2 days. Get tickets for our show here, in the 'HEADLINERS' section:

Headliners!! Nothing at all to do with the presence of Lois Weaver on stage with us.

-Had a great gig last night at the Stockwell Grosvenor, and another pub singalong with yet another super-pianist. Look, a blog piece about us:
We're "funny as fucking fuck". Not sure if we can use that.

Sh!t Theatre at Acoustic Insurgency 24/07
Helen Simmons

-Helen Simmons Photographer Extraodinaire took some photos of us in our Sh!t garden the other day, check out our Facebook for the lot of them, but here's some of our faves!

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