Monday, 5 December 2011

December Dates

Coming up soon: Brand new first ever Sh!t Theatre Podcast! 'London, New York, Edinburgh, Goole', a live, Yorkshire-based, minute-by-minute account of our trip to Goole. Not going to give anymore away, but stay tuned for that exciting step into the world of podcasting. Just as soon as we've edited the 27 separate audio files which - from what I've suffered through so far - mostly consist of us saying 'Goooooollle! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE!'
I say 'I've suffered through' because Louise has thus far, as she puts it, refused to 're-live the trauma'.

06/12 'NAOTY Auditions' @ Rich Mix, Bethnal Green
08/12 'Sex on Trial' @ The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green (shock horror, brand new material!)
16/12 'Cop's Christmas Cabaret' @ Ta Na at the Old Police Station, Deptford (shock horror, brand new Christmassy material!)
19/12 'Cabaret Futura' @ The Paradise, Kensal Green
10-31/12 (except Mondays) Duckie's 'Copyright Christmas' @ The Barbican
'Sh!t Theatre's Television pitch for the Radio' on Resonance 104.4 FM at some point around Christmas TBC.

Sh!t Theatre on the Simpsons. So we auditioned and had a read-through to have a guest appearance on The Simpsons the other week. They decided it wouldn't work out; repeated uses of the word 'Shit'  and our constant references to the dead babies of political figures wasn't suitable. Still, we got Apu's autograph, and here's a photo of our audition:

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