Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sh!t site

Check it out, we've got a real website! As designed by Louise to look better than the blog whilst retaining that authentic shitness. We're true to our roots. When we're rolling in it live art style, we'll still make minimum effort when it comes to marketing, our personal appearance and our material. We won't let fame and success go to our heads, oh no!

The website has some bio details, photos and a few old videos, a preview of Lou's Sh!t Theatre Comic and some of our many rave reviews. We'll get a calendar up there so you can check when our gigs are. This blog will remain the number 1 place for up-to-date sh!t news and general thoughts, life philosophies, pictures of puppies e.g.
St Bernard in the autumn.

As you may have gathered from the hasty post yesterday, we have a few gigs coming up in February and March including:

Sh!t Theatre MCing at the Drayton, Ealing: February 10th
Sh!t Theatre at Lolitics, Camden: February 27th
Sh!t Theatre at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas: March 17th

We're still working on our Grant application with Escalator East for our project Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre's JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous), that's due on Monday and then the wait begins. The project will still go ahead albeit on a smaller scale even if we don't get some of yo' tax payer's money, so stay tuned for more information on that. 

Our work with Tim Hopkins on the Burger Van play meat puppet extravaganza is going well, and information on scratch/ work-in-progress readings of the script will be coming soon also.

Sh!t Theatre have also gone back to improv after many years of it begging for us to return. We're not in the shows but come along and support the Wilmop house teams at the Wilmington Arms in Farringdon this Sunday at 7pm!

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