Monday, 26 March 2012

Sh!t Springtime

Wow, isn't the weather just.

Now we've got the small talk out of the way, here's what's going on in shitville:

Sh!t Theatre have had a busy week workin' on Lois Weaver's Inaugural performance/lecture and a lecture by Peggy Phelan (of 'incomprehensible reference in our 2nd year essays' fame). Lou was on sound & lighting and I was on booze, as is correct and necessary. Lou also molested people with Stacy Makishi as part of Cruising for Art at the BFI.
This week we were also down at that dodgy bar with the tiger stripes on Whitechapel Road (you know the one) for our second training session with the rest of long-form improv team 'Prohibition Duck', a name which is subject to change. The team includes at least 2 lesbians, a jew and 2 different kinds of asian; so at the moment the other name options we are working with are 'Rainbow Dykes (feat. Jews)', 'Wrong Asian (feat. Jews)' and 'Feat. Jews'. Opinions please. Our first team show is this Sunday 1st April at the Wilmington Arms!

Sh!t Theatre will also be at The Others for their April Fools Party on Saturday 31st March, and at the Basement's Supper Club in Brighton on the following Saturday 7th April.

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