Thursday, 31 January 2013

Not such a sh!t review

Here's a link to a nice review Everything Theatre wrote about our first Camden show last week at the Etcetera before it moved to CPT:

We were not very happy with our performance that night, so it's good to know that the show still came across well. Note their excellent use of 'Booise' and the fact they refer to us as 'masters at setting a pace'. Nice to be called a Master of anything. Master of Bread. Master of Time. Master...of Death! Here's a note, I broke my wrist last week so I'm writing this on 60mg of codeine. Master...of Death!


February we will be working very hard on Burger Van, the play we are writing/devising with Tim Hopkins. We have secret exciting stuff to announce about that soon. Lou and I will also both be working at Peopling The Palace, the very last live art festival to be held at the People's Palace in Mile End before it goes corporate. Here's the promo image, see if you can tell what angle they've gone with RE the corporate pigs, man:

Come East and support art and people from the 17th Feb:

March - classic Sh!t Theatre back at Duckie @ the RVT on March 2nd and Tricity Vogue's Ukulele Cabaret on March 12th

April - we're trying out something new at First Thursday at the new Visual Collective studios (previously Press Play House) on Vyner Street. The first ever large-scale Sh!t Theatre installation will be taking over the space for the evening of Thurs 4th April, on the same theme as our Job Seekers Anonymous project

We're still at it people! Most Sundays at the Wilmington Arms, Farringdon, and see The New Happy Squad at Upshot Improv, Stockwell most Thursdays this February!

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