Monday, 24 March 2014

old school Sh!t

We're back at the Stockwell Grosvenor this Sunday for an All Women's Comedy Night, raising money for OPAWC (the Organisation Promoting Afghan Women's Capabilities). Headlining is Kate Smurthwaite with The News At Kate which is always a sell out at the Fringe. Today Kate was on BBC Radio 5 talking about armpits (her armpits?). Anyway, she's been on BBC radio which is a nice easy link to the fact we're doing 30 mins of our brand new Women's Hour. 


We used to play at the Grosvenor for Guy Smallman's 'Acoustic Insurgency' night quite regularly when we first started being sh!t. It was always one of our favourite places to gig and we're really excited to be back, especially in support of one of Afghanistan's most radical and active women's groups.  

Here's a picture of us on a boat

Apologies if this is your boat.

Claire Nolan has been working with us to get some Mulder & Scully images for Guinea Pigs on Trial. Here's some of the wonderful photos she took of us in our pyjamas in the park:!blank/c42h

Guinea Pigs on Trial is next on at the Pleasance Theatre Islington, April 14th at 8pm. Tickets are only £5, you can come and see how the work-in-progress is going whilst at the same time ensuring I don't humiliate myself because I also work there and if we don't sell any tickets I will not live it down:

My mum and her friend Sylvia are coming to see Job Seekers Anonymous in Ipswich for PULSE Presents. Are you??? East Anglia homecoming gig at The New Wolsey, next Thursday night:

The first ever full-length version was supported by PULSE back in 2012, it has completely changed since then and we never expected it would do as well as it has. It's really lovely to bring it back to the New Wolsey this year.

Sh!ts and International Tour Mum Jen Smethurst heading up to Glasgow with Job Seekers Anonymous for Behaviour Festival and we're in very good company:

Elsewhere in the programme, there is a notable politicised edge. A strong feminist seam includes Alan BissettBryony KimmingsRosana and Amy CadeSh!t TheatreSilvia Gallerano and Cristian Ceresoli. Each approach the subject from different perspectives and, taken cumulatively, they represent a fierce anger at the inequality inherent within our global economic systems and its specific impact on women.

Mon 7th and Tues 8th April. See you up there.

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