Saturday, 30 October 2010

AiR Supply 'Test Launch'

Thankyou all for coming down to The Resistance Gallery this Thursday. Some how, we got over 90 people through the door, performances went smoothly, the films looked great, and a load of magazines and even the Guardian turned up (Though they are writing a piece about underground art movements...considering the gallery also hosts live 'art sex' parties and mexican wrestling nights, he may have picked the wrong evening..).
We were apparently the most googled event that evening in London, and have been turning up on blogs all over the..blogosphere..can't believe I used that word. And, we are still alive! We didn't get jihaded over the burqa thing! Hurray for free speech. We also met some exciting new people with some exciting new collaboration stick around and hear about that soon.

Lola from Mutiny came and showed her support for uncensored- women-in-paper-burqas, and now we are performing at next week's EDUCATION ON TRIAL at ULU HQ on THURSDAY... No idea what we will be doing ... cos, y'know, we need the adrenaline rush of being totally unprepared, baby, like Jason Statham in Crank. And Crank 2. Sure to be a good night!..

                                                     Photo by Tolga Akmen

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