Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sh!t Theatre up North

It's Octobsh!t, and I hope you have all not forgotten about AiR Supply's 'Test Launch' coming up very soon on Thursday 28th at The Resistance Gallery.
Here is a link to the half-hearted facebook event:

Expect: exciting installations from Priya Saujani and Hannah Dunn, German cinema, Lewis Church's avant- garde penis (as per usual), French physical theatre from the very talented Anais Lalange, and Tim Hopkins. Yes! Tim!

On the decks will be whoever has the strongest will and the sharpest fingernails... Louise Mothersole, mother of soul, Lewis Church from the church of soul and Rebecca Fuller, full of soul, will hopefully get a chance to spin some sweet soul tunez. Spin as in press play on the Ipod.

SH!T THEATRE will be performing towards the end of the night, and beer will be available alll alllong the evening.

Sh!t Theatre NEWS
We will also be performing in Liverpool on Sunday, November 28th at The Bluecoat Gallery as part of their bed-in season:,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,846/year,2010/month,10/day,09/Itemid,14/

Our plan is to use elements of our Edinburgh show, and work with audience members throughout the day developing it, writing new songs, incorporating their ideas and suggestions, and generally getting them involved in the process of making performance as well as ending the day with a final adapted version of Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre. The active spectators shall experience a democratic mode of composing songs; the boredom, the humour, the highs and the lows of constructing a performance piece, subtly echoing those elements of democratic policy-making.

That last bit is copied from our proposal. Slick Theatre, ladies and gentlemen, Slick Theatre.

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