Friday, 10 December 2010

Re: Marital sleep rape.

Using Lou's laptop throws up some interesting title suggestions. The above intriguing 'Re: Marital sleep rape' was my favourite..she's such an enigma you know.. what was that referring to? Just adds to the Mystery of the Mothersole. Other title suggestions included:

'Die hand die verletzt.'


'Sandwich day joke help.'

To Business - Thanks to all who came along and made last week's run of performance and stress super fun. World AIDS Day, Balls to Xmas and AiR Supply's 'Launch' were all great, and though Sh!t Theatre may have been out of tune or drunk or both at some *all* of them, the audiences seemed to enjoy it. World AIDs Day Extravaganza featured a mighty pub sing-a-long and a 3am snowball fight; at 'Balls to Xmas' at the The Resistance Gallery, we were coaxed into a Christian AIDS -followed-by Burqa King set and then Garry got pissed and sang us some lovely carols while we fondled the artists' balls; 'Launch' managed to entice over 60 people through the door despite extreme weather conditions and competing Friday night shenanigans, and Louise and I got smashed and pulled some pretty sweet moves on the dance floor after a performance of Christian AIDS/Free Schools. Hurray!  I also previewed 'What I Know About Wine So Far' which, thanks to Lou and Ruth's editing/advice, was great fun to perform as well.  

Coming Soon:

AiR Supply upcoming events!

By the way, if any of our many followers hear about a Sh!t Theatre tribute band, please let us know. There are whispered rumours of a soi-disant 'Slick Theatre' galivanting around imitating us, and we would like to put a stop to it.

'Launch' Photos by Lauren Davis

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