Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Sh!t Christmas!

Many happy returns to all good men and Jesus on this the first day of the Passover. As tradition dictates, Lou and I are sitting in a room, complaining about things and eating other things Karim or Ruth have in the fridge. Too late Ruth! You're not here now!

We're winding down during the festive season, but stay tuned in the coming new year for exciting AiR Supply events. We recently had some meetings and bloodee bloo and we have arranged an AiR Supply event at SHUNT in mid-February! http://shunt.co.uk/. Sh!t Theatre are very excited about this, and will be again part of the organising team as well as performing. Slick Theatre will not be appearing, despite their apparent eagerness. Look guys, we appreciate you are big fans, but we don't have a huge amount of time on our hands.

In other news, Sh!t Theatre have some interesting music projects in the pipeline. Firstly, the now infamous 'Sh!t Theatre Paedo-Medley' is coming soon to an internet near you.

Furthermore, Sh!t Theatre have started "work" on a Christmas single for release in December 2011. Seeing as how we're not as well known as, for example Bob Geldof or Coldplay or Bing Crosby or David Bowie or that guy from The Beatles or that other guy from the Beatles or Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo or The Pogues, or Slade or Shakin' Stevens or Mud (arguable that one) or The Pretenders or what's that guy that released 'Bo! Selecta'? don't know Louise, sorry, or Elton John or Elvis or or Mariah Carey or Boney M who are bigger than you think or Wham or The Darkness, we doubt this will guarantee us a no.1 hit. However we expect it will be included on some compilations, for which we will at least receive some royalties every year. From now until our deaths.


Have a good one folks. Merry Christmas, and may 2011 be as Sh!t as 2010! x

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