Sunday, 23 January 2011

Self-fulfilling Sh!t

So you know how we think we're the funniest people ever? Well recently Lou watched back our performance from AiR Supply's 'Launch' and came to the harrowing conclusion that we were too drunk to be funny. So drunk, turns out, that we were shit. Not like, hilarious SH!T shit where everyone goes like, wow, those two cuties sure are cutting and talented, and my, don't they just have a certain charm. Not sh!t like that, just.. shit.

Well, no doubt our certain charm, especially my certain charm, renders all our performances somewhat successful, but we have decided for the sake of our unstoppable rise to fame, we will not get drunk before our shows anymore. Seriously.

So: FEBRUARY 11TH @ SHUNT come witness possibly the first ever sober Sh!T Theatre experience!

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