Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sh!t 2011

Sh!t Theatre welcome you all to 2011! Well done for making it this far.

Thanks to everyone who came along for NYE @ Shunt, we really enjoyed the cabaret & another brief experiment with performance in democracy ('Burqa King' was voted in by our live audience, which alleviates us of any responsibility for it). We also really enjoyed the burger queue where the second half of our performance took place. Ok, so there were slight technical hitches in the marquee related to people screaming louder than we could, but it was appreciative screaming and we appreciated the appreciation. Happy New Year!


You must be all on the edge of your seats! Well CALM DOWN!! Sh!t Theatre can be seen live and uncensored at:
AiR Supply at Shunt, February 11th (tbc). London, UK
We're back curating with AiR Supply in Shunt's bank room on the weekend of the 11th February. Confirmed performances by: Jen Smethurst, Anais Lalange, Priya Saujani, Tim Hopkins, and Sh!t Theatre. We have heard that our tribute band, Slick Theatre, also applied to perform. We would like to take this opportunity to again insist that we are in no way affiliated with Slick Theatre, though they as ever remain a loyal fanbase.

UCL Modo Fashion Show. March 4th and 5th. London. UK
Around the cloisters and quads of the uni, we will as ever be bringing our high fashion knowledge to the stage. Jokes, we'll probs just be dressed in burqas again. Performance art, fashion, beer and audience of 600, hurray!

Common Place. March 12th. Leeds, UK
We'll be all over Leeds like our reputation is on the internet. Zing! Told you we'd make it up in 2011. A day of noise, hardcore, politics, shoegaze and punk music/ ideas and some djing. SH!T UP NORTH 2011, go team!

Also I as in Becca will be performing 'What I know about wine so far' at The Roundhouse in Camden on Jan 18th for GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN's scratch night. Email tickets@getinthebackofthevan.com for free tickets.

 Marquee @ Shunt NYE

 Cabaret @ Shunt NYE

Sh!t @ Shunt!

belated BED-IN PICS

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