Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sh!T Springtime

Just came down the stairs to find Lou very excited. Not sexually, mind you. 'Not to over-excite you this early in the day',  she said, 'but....'

Amazing prize for whoever guesses what it was that put her in such a good mood. Wow! Can't believe you got it so quickly! You're right, it is because Watercolour Challenge is now available on Youtube.

In other news, we have been awful busy with our hayfever. Also, I tried out an even more inebriated version of 'What I Know About Wine So Far' at Art Admin's 'Scrits', and Louise is working on a new solo piece, part three of her Music Series, based on the Madrigal format. Or, as I call it, How Louise Is Dealing With Her Deep-Rooted Psychological Fetish For Mother Figures.

Sh!t Theatre were recently on Resonance FM http://resonancefm.com/ following the super fun we had with UK Uncut at the protests. Coming up, we are applying for festivally bits over the Summer (inc. Edinburgh Free Fringe) with the working title/ description: Following the outstanding success of "Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE", Sh!t Theatre present: "Following the outstanding success of "Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE", Sh!t Theatre present: More Sh!t Theatre"

We're so funny!!
Check us out next Thursday week at Mutiny's 'Violence on Trial'. (http://jointhemutiny.wordpress.com/)  We've decided our 'sometimes, rape is the answer' idea might not go down so well, so stay tuned for something else we come up with!

And Head on down to http://www.laughoutlondon.co.uk/ Laugh Out London's brand new free comedy night at the Queen's Head in Piccadilly Circus on Friday 6th May where we will be Head-lining. Not! Just wanted to get another 'head' in there, but we will be performing hooray! Anyway, in our minds, we're always the headline act.

So, that's:

Thursday 28th April @ The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green - 'Violence on Trial'
Friday 6th May @ The Queen's Head, Piccadilly Circus -  'Laugh Out London'

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