Tuesday, 11 October 2011

David 'The Nutty Professor' Nutt Approves of Sh!t Theatre

He does! Despite our 'David Nutt's a Nazi!' line, lovely ex-expert Professor David Nutt seemed to thoroughly enjoy Sh!t Theatre on Drugs last night, and even agreed to a little interview for what was the first night of filming for Press Play's 'This IS Sh!t Theatre'. The rest of the evening had great performances from Chris Coltrane and the Commie Faggots, and many excellent speakers on the issues of drug consumption and production. Conclusion: everyone loves drugs! Bunch of damn hippies.

We'll get back to finishing off *start writing* our radio show for Resonance FM next Tuesday, for now, here's a nice review of our Edinburgh show from theatre blog The Cheap Seats http://thecheap-seats.blogspot.com/

In the basement of a random pub, hardly even listed we struck gold with the comedy duo Sh!t Theatre and their show "Sh!t Theatre present: More Sh!t". A female comedy duo with backgrounds in performance art, improv and music, their politically provocative sketches and songs had our varied audience all in stitches.

Accompanied by a guitar and ukelele, the premise of their show is that they wrote themselves a 5 star review and worked backwards from it with a checklist, ticking as they went. This was punctuated with "commercial breaks" where they managed to mock everything from vegetarianism, with their rendition of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" entitiled "Meat-free Dress", to Loreal. The "Sh!t" aesthetic to which they continually referred was achieved through their costumes being constructed from newspaper which inevitably also reinforced their focus on current affairs.

This subtlety was characteristic of the whole show. The Lord's Prayer to Rupert Murdoch (which can now be seen on their facebook page) reeks of irony, something many comics have not been able to achieve surrounding the phone hacking scandals, preferring instead to take a more aggressive approach.

They struck a great balance between continuity and variety, the through threads of the commercial breaks and checklist allowing them explore a number of different issues and tangents jumping between them without losing their audience challenging and commenting on everything from Burkahs to the Catholic stance on contraception.

The pair push boundaries without relying on vulgarity or shock tactics unlike so many of the shows we see today. Frankly speaking, Sh!t Theatre shat all over their competition and were my comedic highlight of the Fringe.

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