Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre For One Night Only In London

There it is, a poster which actually almost says what we do. We're really not very good at this sort of thing. Remember our 2011 Edinburgh show? The one with the hilarious name? 'Following the outstanding success of 'Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE', Sh!t Theatre present: Following the outstanding success of 'Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE, Sh!t Theatre present: More Sh!t!' 

LOLOLOLO ROLF!!  LOL! Well the name took up so much space on the flyers that we forgot to include any information on what the show contained, which, in a city of 2500 shows a day, and considering we weren't in the programme, was probably not a great idea. Also, we had to confine our reviews to a size 8 font in the bottom right. We gave a fellow free-fringer called Rob one of these flyers on the street, and the following exchange took place:

Rob (bearded) - Is that a Scotsman review?
Booise - Yes
Rob- You got a Scotsman review?
Booise - Yes
Rob - I can't believe the Scotsman came to see you.
Booise - Yep, last year
Rob (reads aloud) - 'Beautifully harmonised and, even better, mercilessly witty'. That's a really good review.
Booise - Yes
Rob - Why is it hidden at the bottom there in tiny little writing?
Booise - Um
Rob - I'd have put it at the top
Booise - Ah
Rob - In massive font
Booise - Well we didn't want to sell out.

Anyway, 'Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre For One Night Only In London' featuring LOIS WEAVER as TAMMY WHYNOT? will be an best-bits show of our NYC & Edinburgh full-length spectaculars! Only £4 or £3 if you're broke, and it's at the Pinter Studio at QMUL in Mile End, so nice and easy to find. 7pm on Sunday 6th November, 1 hour 15ish  =  plenty of time for drinking afterwards. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Press Play Films Ltd 18/10/11

Here's a photo (courtesy of Press Play Films Ltd.) of us recording our Resonance 104.4 Fm show, Sh!t Theatre's Television pitch for the Radio, or, Sh!t Theatre's Radio pitch for the Television! 
The recording itself was a lot of fun, and we were very grateful to our excellent audience for waiting around in the cold for a while and then laughing lots, and to Sean who you can see there in the picture behind the sound desk, looking not very amused. We did spend half an hour saying the words SHIT THEATRE over and over again, and we did go on a bit about how nobody listens to Resonance and just generally based the show's concept on how defunct the medium of radio is, so fair enough if he didn't find it that funny. Lord knows if we'll even be able to broadcast it. Stay tuned (geddit!!??) for more info!

Seriously though, Resonance is awesome, listen here:

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  1. I must say that was superbly sh!t! I won't be able to make your london show, cos I'm hosting a music thingy, however I hope it's decidely more sh!t than anything you've done before. I hope you break legs, hearts and minds, not forgetting the odd hymen here and there. Keep sh!t real and keep telling people information about where to get good sh!t.