Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sh!t scared

Long-form Improv 

We have a name for our new Wilmops house team! Problem Child (previously known as Prohibition Duck) are debuting tonight, on an awesome line-up featuring The Family Business and headlined by Monkey Toast, the improvised talk show. Which is way funnier than it sounds. Because, like, surely most talk-shows are kinda improvised anyway, right? Like, by nature, all talk-shows are 'improvised talk-shows'. Does Parkinson read this blog? Am I right Parky? How about fictional tv star Larry Sanders? Am I right, Larry? Anyway, Monkey Toast is great. £4 on the door.

The Others
We would like to apologise to The Others, Stoke Newington, for our failure to turn up for our scheduled performance last night. We have Arts Council funding now so some gigs are just not worth our while. We hear Slick Theatre, the so-called 'UK No.1 Sh!t Theatre Tribute Band' made an appearance in our place, but we would like to state that we are in no way affiliated with Slick Theatre, do not endorse them, and in fact have not seen any actual proof of their existence.
Apologies again to Simon from The Others. Heard it was a smashing night.

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