Monday, 23 April 2012


Gigs this week:
Sunday 22nd - Country & Western Trimprov with Matt, Louise and Becca, The Wilmington, Farringdon.

Tuesday 24th - long-form improv with Problem Child at 7 Dials Club, Covent Garden.

Friday 27th - Phil Zimmerman's No.5 Club, downstairs at the Drayton, Ealing.

Sunday 29th - long-form improv with Problem Child at The Wilmington Arms, Farringdon.

 - I'm doing A Bearded Guide To Modern Seduction on Thursday 26th at Trangallan in Dalston and What I Know About Wine So Far at Stoke Newington International Airport on Saturday 28th.

 - Louise starts her run as Amy Lame's technical manager for Unhappy Birthday at the Camden People's Theatre with rehearsals this week.

 - Press Play Films finally get the keys to their studio today, and Sh!t Theatre + other members of AiR Supply will be there helping them to move in and to drink their celebratory champagne. Press Play House will be our workbase for Sh!t Theatre's JSA, so come up to Vyner Street and say hello, 'cos them Press Play kids are gonna hit the big time soon and then you'll all be sorry you never went through their bins when we offered you the chance.

 - We're meeting with Phil O'Shea on Tuesday morning after a successful mammoth-building business meeting on Sunday. The papier mache round the bananas is almost dry, and we're ready to start learning harmonies for our Sh!t O'Shea debut.

 - Training with Problem Child continues on Saturday afternoon led by gentlemen of the night Gareth Morinan and Simon Fazey

 - The font changed back to normal on our blog.


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