Monday, 28 May 2012

Sh!t Theatre in Suffolk

Quick post to remind all Suffolk-bound that we are live at PULSE Fringe tomorrow night (Tuesday 29th May) with the first full-length preview of our JSA at 9pm at the New Wolsey Studio. The set arrived this afternoon so we've had literally tens of minutes to rehearse with it! Massive thanks to Zoom Print though, the eco-rollers look awesome and if you follow us on twitter you'll see a little photo of Real Louise with with Giant Eco-Roller Louise which is one of the nine we're using for the show.
We're also on at 9am tomorrow (Tuesday 29th May) (2012) and due to Ofcom regulations we'll be trying not to say 'Shit Theatre', so listen up, we are sure it will fun or at least awkward, which will be funny for you.

Hay On Wye and the Isle Of Dogs
More info on the above coming soon!

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