Monday, 22 November 2010

Sh!t Theatre Videos/ It's Sh!t Up North

Look, we're on youtube:

More highlights from 'Sh!t Theatre present: SH!T THEATRE' will be online this week and, as soon as we figure out why Apple Macintosh hate us, so will our performance from AiR Supply. Do any of our many followers know how to make the know...go on the blog? on the side bar? help..?

Good news! For those of you who won't make it to Liverpool this Sunday the 28th, you can watch us LIVE via the magic of webfeed thing from 11am onwards:

Unfortunately our 'It's Sh!t Up North' Tour has been reduced to just Merseyside. Don't cry Leeds, it's not your fault! Well, it is. Anyway, we will hopefully be Sh!t in Leeds in the new year, but for now, what is rare is valuable so Sh!t Theatre are like '00 Bordeaux. Put your names down on the waiting list! VIPs only.

Peace out x

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