Monday, 29 November 2010

A Sh!t Endorsement.

We're back from Liverpool! Many thanks to Rajat and his flatmates/ floor, to The Bluecoat and to Yoko Ono. I'm sure you allll watched us on the live web-feed-thing, so no need to go into details, but the bed-in was a really interesting experience and the start of a new experiment with democracy in performance which we look forward to developing. It was also the second time we have come up against censorship, only this time they had no problem with the burqas and dead babies. Just the word 'shit', which we weren't even allowed to write down. In a gallery. On a piece of paper. Hardcore!

We also used the opportunity to start work on two new pieces, live in front of the Bed-in crowd! ("crowd"). One is the much-anticipated 'Christian AIDS' concept which will possibly be previewed this Wednesday at the 'Musical Extravaganza for World AIDS Day' at The Stockwell Grosvenor, the other is about the breaking news that Colin Firth will be editing BBC Radio 4's Today Show over the festive season. And how you won't be able to see his lovely eyes through the radio (Disclaimer: you can see his lovely eyes if you watch the live web-feed-thing of BBC Radio 4's Today Show). It's a winner.

Also our boiler is fixed, thanks for asking. More Sh!T videos from Edinburgh are coming v soon to YouTube when my laptop is fixed. For now, enjoy our wonderful flatmate Karim endorsing us! He's Karim Jlil, and he approves of Sh!t Theatre!
And here's a masturbating dinosaur:

AiR Supply News

  • We are apparently running/curating the very first live art stage at Lovebox Festival 2011. More news to come!

Sh!t Theatre getting paid.

  • Sh!t Theatre will be performing ("headlining", actually, thanks to our inappropriate-for-daylight material) at Paradise Gardens in Victoria Park this Summer.
  • Don't forget 'Duckie' @ RVT in August!

See you on Wednesday and don't forget to keep Friday free for AiR Supply's 'Launch'!

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