Friday, 1 June 2012

Sh!t Subjects...

...Subjects as in subjects of the Queen. Cos it's Jubilee time. Sh!t Theatre are Republicans by the way. Republicans as in not wanting to be subjects of the Queen (not as in Rick Santorum).

We survived our preview at PULSE Fringe this week! Had a great time at the New Wolsey Studio which is a lovely venue and we highly recommend it, plus they have this dog that has a sore paw in a bandage, just walking around the place.
The piece was pretty messy and definitely a first draft, but we've had some really nice reviews and here they are (links take you to the full reviews):

Ip1 Magazine says 'a hugely entertaining show, whether you’re happily employed or living off Pop Tarts.'

The Public Reviews says 'sheer energy and charm' says 'wonderfully politically incorrect and insightful...a cracking showcase for Mothersole and Biscuit's weighty talents'

Both Glen Pearce for and Paul Couch for describe us as either 'gloriously' or 'wonderfully' political incorrect, which is something we need to think about if this is indeed how we come across. Despite being framed in this context as a compliment, we want to say that we try and make a point of discussing difficult issues without actually being politically incorrect or rude or whatevs. Our Burqa King piece, for example, is about censorship and the discussion of polemic issues, and we say during the piece that we believe in discussion/debate, women's rights, religious freedom and freedom of speech. Our Election Song is a satire of how the media evaluate politicians in the public eye; how their personal lives are discussed and analysed more than their policies. We do talk about dead babies, yes, but it's fact, not subjective judgement. Whether we should even mention facts like that, however, is up for debate and we encourage you to tell us your opinion. Leave comments here or on our Sh!t Chat on our website. But we say: Political correctness is a good thing guys! Yay, we love being nice to people! Sh!t Theatre R 4 PLTICL CRCTNESSS YAY.

In that vein: we're on tonight at the Funny Women Awards. Ha! Funny Women! Great joke guys, here come the menstruation stories. It's an infamous competition as it's pay(not much)-to-play but we'll see how it goes, and we're going to do Burqa King. That's at the Green Carnation, Soho, 7.30pm.

Tomorrow (Sat 2nd June) it's Sh!t Theatre as Pizza, Paul and Mary, the UK Peter, Paul and Mary Tribute act at 'Stars and Their Pies', Stoke Newington International Airport.  Come see Louise in a wig and me with a beard.

Sunday 3rd June we're back at the Wilmo with Problem Child for some long-form improv!

Hay On Wye and Isle Of Dogs

Still not much more info on this, but: see Sh!t Theatre in Wales in August at the Globe in Hay on Wye, and see a run of our JSA at The Space, Isle of Dogs in November!

To round off this special Jubilee post, here's a new pic of us by David & Helen at Press Play Films (put together by Louise):

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