Monday, 11 June 2012

Sh!t Office Party

This week's Sh!t:
-Tomorrow (Tues) is our thrice re-arranged Funny Women Awards show, plus a completely different trimprov gig with Juliet Stephens, both happening in and around Covent Garden. It'll be like that TV programme where thingy has to run around and go back in time and stuff to fit in having two girlfriends: hilarious! Check our Facebook for locations & times.

-Thursday is our first workshop with AGLOW (Association of Greater London Older Women) for our Job Seekers Anonymous project. We'll be working on some improv with them and also discussing/ debating their personal job history and opinions on or experiences of claiming benefits. We'll then be back in the studio, re-visiting our 'JSA'  in light of the workshop and the post-show talk we had after our preview at PULSE Fringe.

-Friday we're gigging somewhere...and that somewhere is...somewhere we can get

Going to let you in on a secret here - I don't actually know where the gig is.

-From Saturday we start work as Technical Manager (Louise) and the less skill-requiring Participant Manager (me) at Phakama Pop-up Festival, which finishes at the end of June when we begin nossa trabalho as artist assistants for Rio Occupation London.  They're both going to be great festivals of new and exciting performance, art and film from international artists so we will keep you updated on what's going on throughout the summer.

-This Sunday, Problem Child are back at The Wilmington Arms with more long-form improv!

-Today we confirmed a nice little residency at the Basement, Brighton (see our famous 'Favourite Venues in the South East' list) for September, and a performance of our JSA at Colchester Arts Centre, also in September. We'll be re-evaluating/ re-writing our JSA after the summer so the Basement will be a great place to do that, and Colchester Arts Centre will be an equally great place to try it out.

-ALSO COMING UP - HEY YOU GUYS you like to make party, right? Well we make party! Sh!t party! FOR: Job seekers/ signers on/ bums/ unemployeds/ unemployables/ the general public at Bethnal Green Working Mens Club not once but TWICE this July. Put the 5th and the 26th (both Thursdays) in your diaries for Sh!t Theatre present: Sh!t Theatre's JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) + Office Party for the Unemployed. 
Come see our new show and club night at the Working Mens Club this Summer. Are you unemployed? Missing out on the 'fun' of the office party? Well feel left out no more, with Sh!t Theatre's Office Party For the Unemployed. (official) (copyright). More info coming soon, but expect the London premier of our new hour-long show, bad party games, terrible dancing and mild sexual harassment from the middle-management. 

(P.S if anyone has a photocopier we can borrow/have/swap for something we own, please email

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