Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sh!t Sixty

Hello from two of the Official (ish) Top 60 Funniest Women in the UK Discounting All Those Who Didn't Enter The Funny Women Contest!
Basically, we're in the semi-finals on 13th August whilst we're up in Edinburgh at Assembly George Square in the Bosco Comedy Tent at 2pm. Also the same day as our first show at the Phoenix! You can check out our Ed Fringe info here:
and here for the second week at the Counting House:
and if you want to check us out in the non-cyber programme, go to page 18 (Cabaret Section). This information is useful as the page number tells you where our programme entry is. Unfortunately our page number is not listed in the programme index which will be good as it will keep away all our stalkers and crazed fans and nobody will be able to find out where we're playing.
(Ed Fringe made that small printing mistake and we are in no way angry or upset or engaged in a bitter back-and-forth email exchange with the marketing department).

Party Time
Sh!t Theatre's London previews + Office Party for the Unemployed are coming up real soon at Bethnal Green Working Mens Club. Here's the Facebook link:
and info on the Working Mens Club website:
We'd really love to see you there! Confirmed on the decks for 5th July is Lewis Church from the Church of Soul playing terrible office party tunes, soul, funk and 50s classics. Here's a link to his blog so you can check out what he's up to in the live art world/ his penis

Last week we had our first workshop with the Association of Greater London Older Women as part of our JSA project. For the first half of the workshop, we introduced them to the basics of long-form improv, played some improv games and tried out some 3 line scenes. Two of the women, Jo and Marge, came up with the most perfect 3 line scene we've heard whilst simultaneously breaking a load of improv rules. They were given the word 'hairdresser' and it went like this:

(Marge enters)
Jo: How do you want it?
Marge: long
Jo: What are you doing here then?
End Scene.

The second half of the workshop was a discussion about (un)employment. The women have all worked, legally and illegally, in factories and offices, as psychotherapists and seamstresses and social workers and building those little caps that go on the top of clicky pens, and many have signed on, throughout the last 50-60 years. We learnt a lot and had a lot of fun, and the workshop was a fantastic addition to our JSA project. We're scheduling another one for August/ September, and will be back in the studio at the beginning of July to see how their experiences will influence our writing.

Sh!t Theatre and AGLOW

We're working all this month on Valela Pop-Up Festival in and around QMUL in Mile End. There are shows every night and tickets are only £3 online (£5 on the door) so head East and come say hi, particularly to Lou as she is Technical Manager a.k.a the only technician for the whole festival and will need a beer afterwards.

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